Stock Market Corrections Are Buying Opportunities. Buy These

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Stock Market Corrections Are Buying Opportunities. Buy These
Sometimes you just have to chill out and see what happens. For egotistical reasons people like to have all of the answers but the truth is many times we just do not know what is going to happen and we have two major events that could drive the market up or down.

1. China’s Evergrande is the world’s most indebted property developer and if they fail, shockwaves will be felt around the world. The big question is whether or not China’s government is going to step in and we should know more on Thursday when coupon payments for domestic and offshore bonds are due. The good news is the Hang Seng Index is trading higher so the Chinese markets are not panicking.

2. The announcement from the Federal Reserve on the monetary policy moving forward. I’m expecting they will announce no changes now but tapering and rising interest rates in the future. It’s been a very volatile week and I don’t think the Federal Reserve is ready to rock the boat yet.

But, negative news from either Evergrande or the Fed could rock the markets which is why minimizing risk and taking a wait and see approach.

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LCID Stock Lucid Motors
MDIA Stock MediaCo Holding Inc
CVLG Stock Covenant Logistics Group, Inc
02:28 JYNT Stock The Joint Corp
04:42 ZIM Stock ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd
05:47 BX Stock The Blackstone Group Inc
06:44 BK Stock The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation
07:25 QOTD. Volume Relevance To Stocks.

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  2. Blue Lion Finance

    Great video… love that you’re in Thailand which is exactly where I plan to be in about six months to a year living off dividends and online income… there is nothing like having TOTAL FREEDOM, cheers and thanks for your video, 🙏🏼

  3. Boy that changed quick! lol

  4. Marcus Harrigan

    I found myself unsubscribed (??)….Subscribed again of course.

  5. David Shafer

    I made out big on hlbz! Wondering your thought on this stocks future?

  6. Avax and SOLANA after bitcoin

  7. Alec Johnson

    Is it okay to buy these in tomorrow morning since I missed the video this morning? Or is this a miss and I need to wait?

  8. Thanks for shouting me out Jerry! I appreciate it. I started a big position in CLF Tuesday, what do you think? Got it at $19. Bought 200 shares of zim today at $55 🤔. Your the best Jerry !

  9. Christopher Shea



    Could you please revisit GRWG and suggest what should we expect in long term?

  11. Hey Jerry, JP Morgan announced underweight of ZIM stock and stated new price target of $46 ! Do you think price will continue to rise after that announcement?

  12. I took the plunge and joined your premium service!

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  14. Shane o'connor

    Awesome 👏

  15. Nice! I was stopped out on BX on the other drop day. Thanks for the trail stops. Managing risk was always my fear in stocks. This is great news

  16. Robin Ferguson

    I could be wrong since I watched on a tiny screen, but it looks like the scorecard on your last stock was for BK not WK.

  17. mickey summers

    I'm up 515% btegf and still chugging. Thanks for teaching me to fish

  18. The Government in China says they are not too big too fail.. In Commie talk that means the government will not let them tank. China takes care of China. Too bad someone isn't looking out for us.

  19. Sorry to bother u Jerry, but u got a but if a typo. You mention WK on your video, but your description calls it BK.

  20. Syed Alikhan

    Thanks for coming pre-market with your videos. I always watch it!!🙏

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