STOCK MOE MONEY SHOW – What Are Leap Options and The NIO Stock Price Prediction Update

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STOCK MOE MONEY SHOW – What Are Leap Options and The NIO Stock Price Prediction Update. We go over quite a few of the comments and questions from the viewers out there. I cover what is a leap option and how should I use them? I also go over the NIO stock price prediction in this video as well.

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We also talk a little bit about the Ethereum price moving up right now and how quickly the stock market has recovered for July in a matter of two days. We are seeing a very good rally in the stock market when all you where hearing is that the stock market was going to crash. Be careful who you are listening to out there.

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  1. Hendrik Pieters

    Hi moe , hendrik from belgium here . Good job answering questions . Very usefull and a step forward that mrs. Moe is explaining your way off explaining . Thinking off becoming a patreon member of you and discord member of kenan grace . You guys are lucky in the u.s. down here we pay tax for every buy and sell , so that makes dollar cost averaging and daytrading really expensive. So we pay tax on profits and tax on losses . long live the free market
    Thank you for doing this and all you guys are an inspiration for starting my own you tube channel down here .
    Have a great summer and allthough i may never get to visit an amc theater i hope we stick it to jupiter .
    Good luck in life

  2. Thank you guys love the podcast

  3. Want to join the Patreon does anyone know if there is ever a re-up of $5 subscriptions?

  4. Loved the video, and especially seeing Mrs Moe there. So totally agree with the explanation of the Disney trip and price predictions,…while some expect a psychic lottery answer and may post negative comments; if it doesn't come true, they forgot the common sense and reality of the world: that economics, world events, politics, internal things, internet, and so on can affect the market, or that one company alone that 'you' are rooting for. Look at the price of gasoline alone — someone sneezes somewhere, and the price goes up.

    Keep up the great work, Moe. Always love the videos. Haha, I sure remember that Tesla cricket. It is always good luck. Sure good to see that cutie Tesla cat!

  5. My new favorite quote I heard the other day is something to the effect of “the stock market is a means of transferring money from the impatient, to the patient.” I’ve only been trading for 6 months and still learning tons every day, but this quote will always be in the back of my mind on every decision I make.

  6. Y’all are so cute 😊

  7. I'm sorry I've not been as active commenting recently Moe, your content is always spot on and I always find myself learning from you

  8. Hey. New to all of this. Appreciate all of the videos and have invested in ETH. I wonder though, your thoughts on XRP?

  9. Daniel Carey

    You guys are great!

  10. Carson Bezanson

    Lovely power couple with the fuzz 🙊🐈‍⬛ how do i get my name said on the show

  11. Moe, I think you need to have a shower more often, as from the body language of your wife, she did not want to sit too close to you. LOL 🤣🤣🤣 Just kidding!

  12. Random Stuff with Fallon

    Loved the GPS analogy Mrs. Moe!

  13. Lorenzo Mathurin

    What did I miss gone for a while and moe can’t talk??? Somebody give me answers

  14. Said it before and I will again … stumbling on your channel has been a game changer for me. Thank you for all the info you put out. It’s truly appreciated by so many of us.

  15. Whoa, didn’t know Ms Moe did so much “DD”……..Thanks 👍

  16. I like how Mrs. Moe is supporting you on reading comments 🤣 (also just noticed I’m seeing no spam comments)

  17. Sandy Casalin

    Such an adorable couple..

  18. could you please explain the greek symbols on options!! 🏛🏛🏺🏺

  19. You are good people.

  20. Princess _Fiona

    For some reason, I love seeing Mrs. Moe!
    She seems smiley and pleasant…..

  21. Monorama Biswas

    Mrs Moe is beautiful, I like her. She is very intelligent

  22. EmotionallyExhausted

    Really appreciate you, Moe! Mrs. Moe, too! No crime to change price predictions. People should never rely solely on any one source or statistic when investing. Pick good companies with solid foundations, be patient, and embrace opportunities. Love the show, except it should be called "The Mo' Money Show".

  23. Thanks for all you do!

  24. First, let me say thank you both for your time, energy and overall good nature. Second, who are the jackwagons hitting the thumbs down ? How do you not appreciate or like these videos? 🤦🏾‍♂️

  25. matt Colbourne

    Hi,, Mr & Mrs Moe and a big Meow to Tesla Cat 😸..
    Another great Video guys, watching from UK 🇬🇧. Apologies if you may have covered on another Video, however in regards diversifying portfolio and adding stocks from foreign markets, have you ever covered Best Stocks in emerging markets like Africa and or India ?
    We are DisneyWorld fans too & can’t wait to be back eating our way through everything Mickey Shaped. We were due fly out 2020 Covid put stop to that, moved it to July 21 Covid travel restrictions put stop to that too. Everything crossed for July 22 🤞. We get the how long now from the kids too 🤣. Best.


  26. Louis Panebianco

    You both have been very helpful and are great educators! Thank you.

  27. Your wife clearly loves you dearly!

  28. You’ve got to have a cuddle session with Mrs Moe today!

  29. What do you think about Nvidia after the split??? Thx

  30. Lisa Maxwell

    OMG…you are blushing Moe!

  31. Jay Your Neighborhood Car Guy

    You're awesome Moe… thanks for all you do….

  32. You guys are awesome together, thank you for the updates👍👍💯💯

  33. Glad to see yall work together

  34. stephen burfield

    love from the uk
    love you you mrs moe cancer beater

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