Strategy Sessions Marketing Podcast with Kenda Macdonald | Season 2 Episode 5

Kenda is a forensic psychologist turned marketer and author who uses consumer behaviour to improve marketing campaigns.

In this episode we discuss:

Automation Ninjas – how it started and how it’s going

The common mistakes marketers make in campaigns

Why the brain gets overloaded and what marketers can do to help

Behavioural nudges and the ethics behind them

The difference between neuroscience and psychology

Going from a degree in forensic psychology to running an Infusionsoft certified agency

Being a scout master and why that’s important

*Kenda Macdonald*
Kenda Macdonald is a forensic psychology major and the founder of Automation Ninjas. She is an international keynote speaker, a multi-award-winning businesswoman, a doting cat mom, and the author of the best selling book: Hack The Buyer Brain.

*Book Recommendations*

Hack the Buyer Brain by Kenda Macdonald

Nudge by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein

Popcorn Psychology podcast

Freudian Sips podcast

*Other Things We Talk About*

Strategy Sessions podcast with Juliet Hodges (BUPA)

*Digital Marketing Strategy Course*
My Digital Marketing Strategy Course in partnership with the University of Vaasa in Finland is available now via Teachable for just €249.

It’s perfect for small business owners, entrepreneurs and those who want to get a better understanding of what marketing strategy is and how to embed that strategy across an organisation.

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*Kenda MacDonald*
Her biggest bugbear is how “modern” marketing doesn’t take consumer behaviour into consideration. Her mission is to fix that.

Over years of insight through growing Automation Ninjas into an award-winning agency, becoming the UK’s leading behavioural automation agency through this behaviour first approach, Kenda has distilled her marketing knowledge and combined it with psychology proficiency. 

The results for her clients have been phenomenal – and she’ll share those secrets with you.

Kenda on LinkedIn

*Andi Jarvis*
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