Super Easy 3 EMA Trading Strategy for Day Trading Forex And Stocks | 1 Minute Scalping

In this video I will be sharing a super simple 3 ema trading strategy that works.

Topics covered :-
– What is ema
– How to use moving average
– 3 ema trading strategy

Intro :-

In this video, I will be sharing one of the simplest and easiest trading strategy using only 3 EMAs.

The strategy that I will share today is a trend following strategy. Therefore, we will buy when the price is in an uptrend, and we will look for selling opportunities in a downtrend.

Fundamentally, we will be looking to enter the trends on pullbacks. To achieve this objective, we will use 3 exponential moving averages.

A moving average is a simple indicator that plots the average price of an asset over a particular period of time. A simple 10 period moving average will show us the average price over the last 10 candles.

Moving average helps us in 2 things. Identify the trend. And, simplify the price action of the asset.

When the price is in an uptrend, we see that the price stays above the moving average, and the moving average is sloped upwards.

On the other hand, in a downtrend, we see that the price stays below the moving average is sloped downwards.

In a sideways range, we can see that the price moves around the moving average, and the moving average stays flat.

Another characteristics of a moving average is that, they act as dynamic levels of support and resistance.

So, in an uptrend, whenever the price makes a pullback to the moving average, it finds support and resumes the uptrend.

Similarly, in an downtrend, the price finds resistance at the moving average.

Different moving averages indicate different trends. We will use the 9, 20, and 200 period EMA.


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  1. Nice video and useful information. Time frame depend on your trading style and test the strategy before deposit your hard earning money.

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    Usually Indicators lag. Your opinion?

  3. Fantastic vedio …. Simple and easy to understand ….

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    LOVE U 🙂

  6. Raviteja Dyavan

    Thanks bro 😍

  7. Rahul Patkar

    Here long term means what time frame should keep and for short term as well as what time frame should be set??? Like if i want to swing trade for 2-3 days so what ema should keep for atleast 100 pips??

  8. Srihari Reddy

    Which time frame do I need to select for this strategy

  9. Ashik Chowdhury

    Which time frame you prefer most?? 30min, 15min or 1HR

  10. Nice, but what's the time frame

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    Awesome vedio

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    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us beginners. God bless you !

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    I’ll definitely be doing a 100 trade backtesting video for this! It looks like it has potential!

  14. Im done with crypto.

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    Nice one!

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    Crystal clear strategy. I'll give it a try. Thanks.

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    Nice video broth… 💪

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