Super Mario Bros. Theme on 2 Credit Card Machines

Super Mario Bros theme played by two printing credit card machines. This is my first video game music video.

Super Mario theme is one of those melodies that I’ve seen played a lot by floppy drives. Credit card machines may be even further away from the gaming world but I still wanted to test how the theme sounds on these devices.

That 1-up mushroom effect is also played by the payment terminals. I had to watch this video for like 20 times at the lowest possible speed to find out how it was actually composed. Though the effect is very short, I learned that it consists of about 30 notes.

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  1. When you're doing taxes but also you have to rescue the princess.

  2. Buzzy beetle shelled mario theme

  3. The Global Network


  4. Garrett Downs

    This is what I watch at midnight.

  5. Finally, a device CVS can use!

  6. Finally, a device CVS can use!

  7. Cuddle Queen

    This works amazingly well.

  8. When Tax collector are out there listening to their jam

  9. Justin Sharp

    When CVS prints you a receipt…

  10. Receipt dispensing motor frequency manipulated into music.
    Is it possible to play the Paper Mario: The Origami King Theme Song using colored pencils, rubber bands, hole punchers, tape, scissors, and staplers?

  11. SpearowTheDragon

    So what music instrument do you play?

  12. World Embassy


  13. because y nawt

  14. Nintendo when one game sells like water!

  15. I didn't know I needed this……

  16. The wider one is playing the bass lines

  17. Man, all I bought was some fruity pebbles

  18. Did you hear beat to Mario there?

  19. Youtube Recommended

  20. hello evrybody

    How anybody can dislike a so great vidéos ?

  21. Hans Acevedo

    Tremenda interpretación, impecable

  22. Monkey D Luffy

    that 1,25 minutes took 4 hours to finish.

  23. Monkey D Luffy

    *Me in toilet having massive constipation

  24. This is what the internet was made for

  25. DemolitionBlueCheese

    This. This is why internet.

  26. Smoke 003723

    That moment when they power-up!

  27. Waiter: "Would you like to leave a tip?"
    Credit Card Machine: *This*

  28. Whitney Haverstock

    That started so smooth, my brain wouldn't process the actual instruments. Neat!! So neat!!

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