Taliban promise amnesty and freedoms for women and media – BBC News

Taliban leaders, who’ve never been seen in public before, have been making their first statements on Afghan soil, to a world shocked by their lightning seizure of power.

They hoped to calm a worried nation and international community, with assurances that those Afghans who assisted international forces would come to no harm, that media freedoms would be protected, and that women would be allowed to study and work, within Islamic principles.

Clive Myrie presents BBC News at Ten reporting by international correspondent Lyse Doucet.

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  1. @ 3:30 theres somethin wrong 🤔

  2. DisappointingPorn

    The Taliban have been wildly whipping random people in the streets. But, I’m sure they don’t do it with as much malice this time.

  3. Nicholas Yeo

    whoever believes a single word from them are simply idiots

  4. Fun With HUGŌ

    You shouldn't talk about something you don't know property.

  5. Pat andDerry

    Women's rights or women's oppression is not controlled by women. They have the freedoms they have (or don't have them) at the decision of men who are ready to do violence to the other side who would take those rights away or grant them.

    Women need to accept this obvious truth.

  6. bbc peddling soft propaganda as always

  7. lmao terrorist are allowed to be on media and social medias? soo dumb🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ bible says in the future the wrong will be right and the right will be wrong

  8. Paul reymond Boyles

    Just for now

  9. it was THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC until you guys showed up and tried to take over it with its riches

  10. Crafts Punks

    Lets say it is peaceful today,,, but im worried about the coming days,,
    Some taliban soldiers will do what they want ,,,

  11. coconut tree

    Lie lie lies nothing else with IS ,and they are against Allah

  12. Vincent E Stone

    Don't complain to The TALIBAN. The 🇺🇸 GOV'T are the ones to blame. They pulled out like Thieves in The 🌙 nite with zero warning.

  13. 4:10 that is before every damn election in every damn country!

  14. Padam Kumar Thapa

    The time of calling for kingdom of Afghanistan right now..

  15. Ramesh Cherry

    Sorry My dear AFGHAN and UIGHUR brothers and sisters😭😭

    If only you were PALESTINIANS and KASHMIRIS. We would have raised our voice Your "Human Rights" doesn't fit our agenda

    The MUSLIMS around the WORLD

  16. Daleh Don Daleh


  17. Imagine having a traffic police with a rocket launcher

  18. fuck the Taliban and fuck the politicians for doing nothing but talking shit!

  19. Idiots the taliban really think they will stay in power it’s going to be another invasion

  20. What u guyz has to do with other countries , look at the freedom of ur womens even after marriage 💑 dont know how many mans they do meet and you know what they do after , Then they dont care about black or white they just like long and rounded . This is ur freedom you mather father . Who are you guys , your alders was robbers . Why you guys stopped fighting now why dont you guys keep fighting any more . Now china 🇨🇳 is the super power , stop it if u can you can just only try it but in ur dreams

  21. Here is the beginning of the end of human race

  22. Judge taliban on what they do not on what they say


    That’s great but do it with out using Guns and violence.

  24. Now that bestgore is down, where will i watch all the beheadings?

  25. Oh god, Islamophobia is going to shoot up in the US

  26. It has always been about power and always will be about power.

  27. Media menipu

  28. Connor Mullen


  29. Gino Lorenzo

    US: ok now they're out, fire everything

  30. The Anonymous



    and america think they can conquer china. bahahahahaha wat a joke

  32. Adoonkii Alle

    Great news for Afghan peo

  33. OsibTheSunbro

    3:28 was he practicing his moon walk?

  34. The taliban playing the gocart and gym got me lol

  35. Lion claims it'll stop feeding on animals.

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