Talking Health: Health care- The delivery System

Talking Health looks at the delivery of health care in the United States and the many ways medical practices are changing as well as the availability today of neighborhood HMO’s ,clinics and Urgent care facilities. Host Mike Gilliam visits one such facility- Cure Urgent Care, on the upper Westside of Manhattan where he talks with its Clinical Director, Dr. Jake Deutsch about the growth and need of urgent care facilities..

Joining Gilliam in the studio to discuss the trends, challenges and changes in the delivery system is Dr. Anthony Shih, the Executive Vice President of the New York Academy of Medicine. Board-certified in Preventive Medicine and Public Health Dr. Shih is a physician executive who is nationally recognized for his expertise in health care policy.

Taped: 10-09-14

Talking Health is a magazine series dedicated to health care policies and practices in the U.S. Recent programs have looked at technology and innovation in health care, particularly in the delivery of information to patients and physicians; patient-centered medical homes; long-term care; and health care costs.

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