Tell me about yourself! Introduce yourself in English with EASE!

This is the ultimate lesson to perfect your self introduction! Answer “tell me about yourself” confidently and with ease and introduce yourself in the correct way. Do you hesitate or feel a little awkward when you get asked to introduce yourself? Do you wonder if your self-introduction sounds natural and accurate? This is the best way to introduce yourself in English.

HOMEWORK: 📝✍️ Share your self-introduction in the comments below! ⚡️

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  1. Don't forget to do your homework! 📝✍️
    Introduce yourself in the comments below!

  2. miriam mansour

    i like your channel and it is very useful

  3. Thanks for your video I learn speaking test shamim from Pakistan Karachi

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    Yo viendo este video para la entrevista de mañana xd..

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    Thanx Emma..this is really a great video i've ever watched …

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    Hi Emma,my name is chaitali , I'm from India. You are a great teacher ❤️. thank you so much for the efforts and progress that you are doing for us ☺️

  7. Hello,I’m Razzer.I’m 23year old and I live in Myitkyina.I work in sales at Mega Company.I’m an economic graduate and I’m here to learning english.Nice to meet you all .
    I’m beginner.
    How about my introduce?
    Plz check my sentences and teach me.

  8. Dileesha Bhashani

    Ms emma,I like your teaching style and I got learn more thing introduction to me.thank you so much and I seen your channel everyday

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    Method of teaching is very very nice 👍👍👍👍


    Thanks a lot . fantastic information

  11. Great lesson!

  12. Hi Emma..
    It was really useful🥰Kudos to you👏You are an exceptional teacher💯Much love❤❤ from India🇮🇳

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    This teaching is just what I need… thank you so much Emma💜🧡.

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    Hello Everyone. I'm Debaleena Saha. I'm Indian. I came from West Bengal. I'm 21years old. I'm studying in SNU. I love baking and crafting actually. One Thing You may not know about me is I have a twin sister. 💗

  15. Daniel Medina Gordillo

    Hello Emma, ​​thank you for having clear English … You are an excellent teacher, Congratulation!


    A veces repetir y ver de nuevo se aprende. Thank you so much Emma

  17. Trung Nguyen

    Hi Ema, I have watched several video clips by you and I am really impressed with great thanks. I absolutely believe that you are one of the best teacher of English. You live in Australia but your accent is purely English. Anyone is your student, they must understand that they are luckiest ones in the world of learning English.

  18. Folkways CitySchool

    Hi Emma
    I am Nadia.I am from Pakistan. I love cooking, reading novels and writing.



  20. Hi Emma, this video's really helpful.
    So Hi everyone, I'm Nhung, but it's hard for some people to say it so you can call me May. I grew up in Dalat, the Southern of Vietnam but now I'm based in Hanoi, the capital in the Northern. I'm 27 this year and I'm a qualified pharmacist. Graduated from Bach Viet college in HCMC, VN in 2015, I've 6 years working in various fields. I have 6 months of experience in Raffle Medical Clinic Hanoi as a pharmacist, where our major customers are westerners and Japanese. 2 years in the travel industry as an inbound tour guide as well as a tour operator, I've been on tours with travelers from over the world such as Australia, the US, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, South Africa, et cetera. and 10 months in a westerner sandwich restaurant in Dist, HCMC. Above are my English-speaking-related jobs. I have experience in Vietnamese businesses in HCMC and Dalat as well. Thank you for reading. Let me know if you have any questions.

  21. حلو

  22. Zori Zomorodian

    Hi Dear Emma
    I am from IRAN
    I am interested to your education
    I follow up all of your video
    Thanks so much
    I appreciate your efforts

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    Excellent information, great presentation of this material.

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    J am pediatrician from Serbia.
    Thank you Emma for helping me to teach English .

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    Thank you.


    Hllo emma, i am from India my name is Atul and i am 16 yrs old..few days ago i saw your videos that is so amazing you are, your vides help us a lot and chance to improve your English with a imitation technique.. And this technique is so good if you like this comment plsss take my name in your video and in above sentence if there are any mistake you plss correct me… 🤣

  27. thank you Emma for all the explanations..i really like are good at explaining to everyone..hehehe..😀👍

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    I'm Belgian. I'm from Belgium. 😉

  29. Hello everyone
    I'm Willy
    Nice to meet you

  30. you are one of the best teachers on YouTube. Every time i would want to learn something new i first choose you and then some other videos if is is really necessary. The most important thing i notices was that you try and cover almost every thing that needs to be discussed on the topic. i have watched a lot of your videos on YouTube and this is the first time i thought i should write something. You keep it nice and simple throughout. apart from these, you got a beautiful voice and beautiful smile too. You seem to have everything that you need to be a perfect teacher. Stay safe , Stay blessed.

  31. Extra Academy

    I am studying in class 9.
    I am studying at ( OR in?) ABC high school.
    Are these both correct? Or should we use simple present?

  32. Gabriel Sansah

    too much talking

  33. I'm Sam, what if the person lives close to me

  34. Girukwigize victor

    Thank you for the interesting course

  35. hi emma i love this class and for excelllent lesson. i'm very interesting in it , so how i could joing in online class?..
    thank you

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    Am from India state of Assam and I am very interested to learn English language
    So how much money I have to spend on the learning process in a month

  37. I'm Pakistani
    I live in Karachi
    I have one year old daughter
    I'm beginner in English learning and off course I'm enjoying 😊

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    Hi, I am Sai Rishik, my friends call me Rishi. I was born and grew up in Hyderabad INDIA. I've been living with my family. I have a degree in engineering and I work for an Canada company as an Engineer.

  39. Tonny Ndung'u

    Hello mmmEnglish. Here is what I have learned from your video.
    My name is Tonny

    I was born, raised, and resides in Kenya where English is the national language. I hold an MBA from XXX and Bsc from XYZ. I also hold a post-graduate Diploma in Human Resource and administration. I also hold a commercial pilot license from ZXY. I have worked with A and B as a pilot before landing an administration role in 20XX. I worked as an operations administrator then resigned to pursue personal interests out of employment. I have been working as a private tutor both online and offline. My major subjects include Business, Marketing, Human resource, social sciences, and Physics.

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