that new Home Alone movie is worse than you could possibly imagine…

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Home Alone literally makes no sense…

Home Alone 2 literally makes no sense…

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He’s All That destroyed my last remaining brain cell

that new Cinderella movie is the dumbest thing you’ll ever see…

Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets doesn’t make any sense…

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  2. Travis Allred

    Woke At Home

  3. Huh, I hadn't even heard that there WAS a new Home Alone movie 🤔

  4. In my opinion the only redeeming quality of it was the actor for Erin from the office was in it but that’s all

  5. Will Robinson

    This movie was so bad I couldn’t finish it. The movie is so not realistic so the movie is really just trash

  6. Honestly your talking about this when your are a off a bootleg Odd1sout but with anime

  7. Triangle society dictator

    I didn’t even know this was a thing


    Agreed ive watched the movie lol

  9. Mizaki Momo♡

    THANK YOU. THANK YOU. The two ones are the only good ones.
    AND WORST OF ALL…. THE NEW MOVIE IS BRITISH!! idk why that makes me mad im not britphobic i promise but like THIS SUCKS. J HATE IT.

  10. "Who just has entire box of Froot Loops in their backpack?"

    I do.
    Stay strapped gentleman.

  11. I love how at one point they even refence remakes of movies saying "they are never as good as the original" and they sure lived up to that line with this movie.

  12. so max almost kills this poor couple, and then they become friends? im not sure bout that chief

  13. This kid was just annoying, he wasn’t anything like Kevin, Kevin was bullied by his family. Not a little turd nugget. It was poorly written and casted

  14. the "villians" are more likable than the protagonist

  15. fabbed fun jr

    Do a ninja turtles 1990 movie video

  16. Jesse Zarzycki

    really no idea why this was on my recommended but glad i found it.

  17. Luke DiPlacido

    I’m glad that the movie at least had a “happy ending”

  18. MrTakashihongo

    Wait…they are still making home alone movies?

  19. Ah yes, we children all have a Shrek

  20. Joseph Graziadei

    I knew it was shit hence why I never even gave it a watch.

  21. Nemanja Radojčić

    8:02 i ended up blonde even tho my parent's hair color was black, i took genes from my grandma or grandfather who are blonde just sayin, great video btw

  22. Piglin Bruuute

    Honestly, I felt worse for the robbers than I did for the kid. The kid is actually the stuff of nightmares.

  23. vinfinity 09

    Say what you will it's a nice little tie in adding buzz as a cop

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