The 76ers will keep Ben Simmons if they don't get the right trade package – Perk | First Take

The 76ers will keep Ben Simmons if they don’t get the right trade package – Perk | First Take
Kendrick Perkins and Domonique Foxworth discuss the Philadelphia 76ers’ asking price for a Ben Simmons trade.
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  1. Qadi Supreme

    It's not fair for an alleged point guard not to shoot a respectable jumpshot or foul shot at a 80% or above clip.



  3. Randy Daniels

    They will not keep him it will be bad for the team and worse for him

  4. Jerome Walker

    Embiid and Harris also contributed to our loss it wasn't just Simmons

  5. this is dumb. Ofcourse they'll keep him. What will they do? Kick him out and send him to the G-League?

  6. Sixers are pretty stupid for asking too much. Ben simmons ain’t even a top 10 player today. Out of all the packages we heard, the spurs’ package was the realistic one but it was also too much 😂 sixers think they’re slick

  7. its Moosie Time

    Only people that should b having these conversations is the gms mabe coaches or a MVP type player cuz perk nd fox sound crazy. He gonna go back 2.the Sixers if he no one wants to trade him. There paying him 120million plus

  8. its Moosie Time

    All nba or mvp perk your bugging. Perk jus gave his best game stats nd said that what Simmons putting up. He got his money your not gonna get the value.

  9. Kevin Roy Nucum

    why is Perk talking like a basketball genius? far from it. way far from it.

  10. You can pair simmons to a guy like zion. Both of them have a somewhat similar style.

  11. Jeffrey Hudson

    What about the fact that Ben know they don’t want him. Y’all think he going to play hard for that team?

  12. Bro u know u just lost to the hawks trade that man

  13. Ben Simmons reminds me of a shy stripper!

  14. YoungReaper 92

    Simmons for marcus smart and aaron nesmith

  15. Philly asking way too much for Simmons

  16. I wouldn’t trade valuable assets for Ben Simmons, whose not an asset. 76ers don’t want the guy, just let him walk. He doesn’t take the game serious, hasn’t developed, and can only redeem himself by bringing a championship to Philly, which won’t happen anytime soon. Let him go.

  17. I think Simmons for Porzingins is legit

  18. Christos Charalambous

    They are shopping Simmons for a bunch of role players and low draft picks in return. I'm pretty sure those managers make their plans based on stuff they read on social media from unanimous accounts, which is pathetic at least. Durant has been making a career by the reputation of ''a 7 footer who can shoot'' (similar to Nowitzki) the media gave him in an effort to advertise the product of NBA. What about the 7 foot Simmons who passes like Magic Johnson? Also, about Warriors rejecting the Sixers' offer: Giving role players in return for a star is like giving nothing. You can easily replace all those role players in the free agency, especially if you're a contender and a big market like Golden State. Lakers gave their entire team in the trade for Davis and they replaced them equally. They actually took AD for free. And also draft picks are 99% useless in today's NBA where players are coming as 19 year old babies in the league needing at least 4-5 years to be any good, unlike the past eras

  19. Johnny Raymond

    Trade CP3 and Crowder to Lakers for Schroder and Kuzma or Drummond to Suns

  20. Perkins is educating?

  21. That's a hot take.

  22. Johnny Raymond

    Trade Simmons or Lonzo to SUNS for Paul Crowder Galloway and Moore. Paul is paid more than most of the top scorers in the league and brings no size or defense we can do without the 16 ppg and inconsistency in the most crucial series of his career to capitalize like a true veteran hof. He is not reliable durability wise

  23. Brandon Deloney-Fulmer

    Dominique shouldn't have to explain true value, versus market value to KP.

  24. fire DoC keep BEN !!! DoC got dogwalked by Nate McMillan

  25. Matthias Rose

    perk really thinks he is the oracle of sports debating…he can never accept other opinions

  26. Jared Thomas

    agreed, but what's the "right" asking price ?

  27. Reuben Simon

    Ben Simmons needs to be on a new team A$AP ROCKY. Joel and Simmons are not clicking. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  28. Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah

    He just needs confidence in his shooting and he will be good. Kobe and Shaq didn't get along and still won 3 chips. This guy talking about no going back is crazy lmao 😂😂 LeBron came back strong the next year after he had a bad series vs the Mavs.

  29. Shocking Lee

    Kendrick Perkins… the 76ers are looking for a James Harden like trade for Ben Simmons. Simmons I’m not Harden and never will be. His value is shot I’d trade him for a bag of chips

  30. Michelle Nakajima

    Dominique Foxworth desperately wants Philadelphia to trade Ben… I'm mean he's 🙏(Please) 🥺.

  31. Best I can do is a open bag of Doritos

  32. Ben Simmons and the 76er's will once again lead the Eastern conference. They are keeping the main pieces together and they are growing together and will be even better then last year and the teams will be begging for Ben Simmons but it is too late for that and the 76er's will finally win the NBA championship in 2022

  33. Goated Legend

    Ben already hit his prime like 2 years ago

  34. Bennett Charles

    You can’t sell the player you think he could be. You’re selling the player he is today. When your value drops that low, you can’t sell him at what he was. It’s smarter for Phil to keep him up till the trade deadline, let him remind teams of what he is worth and then shop him

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