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  1. Some of the points that Jason Goldberg and paul Lovell have discussed:
    06:38 What are the best strategies for lead generation?
    09:54 Data for customer segmentation and personalization
    13:45 Tools and applications for tracking users onsite
    16:20 What are the best strategies that help increase sales?
    20:04 Strategies to target users closer to the end of the funnel
    24:43 Marketing channels and the best way to spend a marketing budget
    27:44 Unusual ways that you can purchase traffic (Instagram checkout, Pinterest, Quora, TikTok) and conversions
    31:26 The list of minimum must-dos for the paid channels
    39:48 How to deal with lost Google Analytics data and Google ads targeting due to the users not consenting to the cookies
    52:36 How can I optimize the website for unique products, if a vendor shares the same product specifics as a brand?