The Dark Avengers is hinted at in Black Widow's Post Credits

Black Widow comes with two full post credits scenes! And whilst the first features a haircut and helicopter the second points towards the appearance of Yelena Belova in the upcoming Hawkeye Disney Plus series and a potential Dark Avengers movie or series. Here we recap the ending and breakdown all the spoilers, easter eggs and cameos including Valentina Allegra de Fontaine and Clint Barton. All that and more explained in this edition of James explains a really obvious thing for money. Thanks for watching!

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  1. They could of made her a villain properly, she should of tried to kill red skull right after the "are you on your period" conversation. Then for the rest of the movie Nat would of had to work with her to bring down the red room, and the fights between them and the intensity would of been awesome. But instead we got plain boring guff

  2. Julia Louis-Dreyfus looked great! I kept second-guessing whether that was her. If only Valentina had pushed somebody in the chest and said 'Get OUT!'…that would have sealed it

  3. Dom toretto said he loved black widows movie

  4. Zach Ramirez

    I totally did not see the reveal that Taskmaster was just a Big Sandwich the whole time!

  5. Spoiler in the titel

  6. At about 1:41 in on this video, you see Val has an iPhone. If the truth about phones holds up, Val is a good guy, just one that acts shady. I'm thinking maybe she's setting up a group to counter whatever mess is happening in Secret Invasion.

  7. Heard this video wasn't doing very well. Here's an extra view Mr Sunday, you're welcome. Tenner please.

  8. I got suspicious when I first saw Ray Winstone was playing someone called Dreykov, does anyone remember the scene in the first Avengers movie when Loki and Widow are talking about the red in her ledger, one of the things Loki mentions is "Dreykov's daughter"

  9. I’m pretty sure Val was more of a triple agent in the comics. Wasn’t she working for another group outside of SHIELD and Hydra? One that was good or gray-area?

  10. Jeff Wolf Plays

    I’m not liking a three minute video! 😝 lol

  11. We know they're gonna be called the Thunderbolts, yeah? Ahhh, what if General Ross gets involved and names the team after himself?

  12. Isn’t this a spoiler in the thumbnail? not cool

  13. Man, it’s Thunderbolts!! Not Dark Avengers!!

  14. They need to hint at some better writing.

  15. So the thunderbolts ?

  16. Taskmaster is actually Mephisto

  17. I know you joke about it but this thumbnail really did spoil the after credit scene for me

    I get its for clicks but come on man the movie JUST came out

  18. Is this the video you said wasn't doing well on the podcast? If so, fuck these people who haven't watched it. Which used to include me, but doesn't now because I am watching it.

  19. Duh

  20. Now I’ve loved you guys for years, big sandwich subscriber and all that but could you please not put spoilers in the thumbnail? That would have been a cool surprise in the theater and it got spoiled just by scrolling through my YouTube subscription feed.

  21. Carlos Zavala

    It might be a minor spoiler in the thumbnail, but cmon man the movies been out one weekend. I really like your videos but what are you doing man

  22. The hawkeye photo being a set photo shows how little everyone cares for him

  23. step off

  24. The thumbnail spoiled the post credit scene hours before I got to see the film 😩😭

  25. Christian Inciarte

    Finally somebody thinks like me

  26. Dom Cangialosi

    The picture that Valentina has of Hawkeye looks like one that a fan might have taken of Jeremy Renner on the set of Endgame that he had no idea was even taken.

  27. Ch6in Re6ction

    "They had a race to see who could kill each other the quickest….AND SHE WON!"

    I think I'm going to hell for laughing

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