The Death of Bitcoin, Think Like a Billionaire, & Turkish Lira – BTC & Crypto News

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Bitcoin is dead again, BTC Dominance rises, Americans either love or hate BTC, think like a billionaire, Bitmain’s crazy IPO, and the Turkish Lira.


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  1. Which altcoins do you think are amazing projects? Thnks for your videos!

  2. These are exciting times and we are in the midst of a great once in a lifetime opportunity.

  3. I think this drop is a ripple effect from the lira drop,, to ensure the economy doesn't remain stable by buying into bitcoin they tank the prices down ,,,, to ensure complete breakdown ,,, either way something Big bout to happen.

  4. A lot of these promising altcoin projects are completely centralised and don’t need their own currency/token and should have IPO’d and not ICO’d but didn’t due to the strict regulations and now with prices crashing in $ terms they will be selling off ETH and aiding capitulation to stay afloat but for most they will run out of funds long before this bear market is done in my humble opinion.

  5. Most of those wall streeters are hypocrites and are actually invested in BTC and cryptos

  6. LOL its not a question of prospect, when you look into media. Its a question of inventing statistics for marketing headlines.

  7. Bitcoin is not dying YET, but the problem is, I see two sites fighting about truth, while the truth is in the middle.

  8. Hey Lark, did you see the following article which shows that Bitmain owns over one million Bitcoin Cash coins (called BCC instead of BCH) ? Maybe we should be calling BCH, Bitmain Cash ? Considering how many coins are lost forever (e.g. the Satoshi coins), Bitmain likely has about 7-10% of all BCH ! I do not know how trust worthy this article is from TRUSTNODES, but the numbers do make sense in the fact that Bitmain has very little Ethereum since until recently Ethereum was GPU mined, not with ASICS. Another interesting point is how much DASH is owned by Bitmain. I wonder how many Dash masternodes Bitmain is running ? Hhhhmmmm… Anyway, thanks for the videos !

  9. Amazes me how all utubers know what jp morgan, black rock and all big players r doing maybe u should think twice about what they say

  10. Really dude bil buying btc and u get that ifo from where please do enlighten me

  11. Yep, Im seeing this as a second chance to get in. Prices as low as last October/November!!

  12. Hi Mr Lark you know i have huge respect for you BUT i don't like any headline starting with (The Death of Bitcoin) it's like another nail in the coffin.
    How about the The Love of Bitcoin or robustness etc. Sorry but we need as much positive talk & words everywhere. From The DogHouse

  13. we have around 20 mio. new millionaires, not in fiat, but in bitcoin. I accumulated 10 of them and will add more while earning the fiat money 😉

  14. 👍still perfect time to get in crypto space . Dollar cost averaging for sure 💯

  15. Loved the video. It’s great to hear this especially for someone like me who has only been in the space for only 6 months.

  16. Your videos always make me feel more clam about the markets! Thanks for the great work dude

  17. I think more people would try bitcoin if they looked at international transactions. It's a much better alternative than 19% per Wells Fargo.