The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Analysis 15 July 2021, Study Lover Veer #UPSC, #BREXIT, COVID 19

The Hindu Newspaper Analysis & Editorial Discussion 15 July 2021 for #UPSC, Daily Current Affairs
The Hindu Daily Editorial Discussion and Newspaper Analysis covering important articles and editorials in the required depth mainly for UPSC, IAS, EPFO, CDS, NDA, PSC, SSC, Banking, IBPS, RRB, RBI, SSC, CLAT, State PSC Exams Preparation; General Studies for all competitive examinations #TheHindu #TheHinduAnalysis #CurrentAffairs #StudyLoverVeer #VeerTalyan


Complete Month Current Affairs 2021 –

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Today The Hindu Newspaper Analysis & Editorial Discussion 15 July 2021 – timestamp
00:00 – Important Notification
03:46 – Prelim Questions
04:25 – The Hindu Newspaper Analysis & Editorial
06:47 – Editorial -1 Ramping up supply
11:13 – Editorial -2 No Pseudoscience
19:09 – Editorial -3 Brexit Continue to divide
35:53 – Editorial -4 UP draft population
42:33 – Datapoint
44:30 – Editorial -5 Showing the Way Out
46:03 – previous Q&A
46:59 – Govt. Direct private center to step up the space of vaccination
46:14 – SC notice to Centre U.P. on Kanwar Yatra
48:04 – Afghanistan’s future can’t be its past
48:43 – Haryana excess death seven-time official
48:15 – June WPI Inflation eades to 12.07%
48:01 – SC to examine plea Challenging Sedition
49:27 – City gets above average rain for the season
49:29 – A.P. govt moves SC against Telangana
49:39 – 3 Militants killed in Pulwama
49:48 – Permanent Commission for 147 women officer
49:56 – Central DA dearness relief hiked to 28
50:04 – 2+2 Ministerial Meeting
50:18 – Can exam fees be refunded HC seek to ask CBSE
50:26 – India largest sources of govt info request – Twitter
50:39 – LAC impasse is affecting bilateral ties
50:52 – Modi Maldivian pres hold talks
51:03 – Taliban seize border Crossing with Pak
51:10 – Tokyo Olympic
51:20 – prelim question & Answer
51:27 – Be Happy, share & Help each other

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  10. Bharat ratn_1954
    Fist awardees 1954
    Letest award 2019
    Nanaji Desmukh
    Bhupen hajari
    Pranab mukherjee

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    I believe in Astrology

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    Samudra shakti Bilateral Agreement india and indonesia
    Bharat Ranta ward
    Bhupen hazarika pranab mukherjee and Naniji Deshmukh
    1 CV Raman 1954
    Rajagopalachari 1954
    DR sarvapelli Radhakrishna 1954 G20 summit held
    2020 Riyah saudi arabia
    2021Rome Italy
    2022 jakarta Indonesia
    2023 New Delhi India
    2024 Brasilia Brazil
    D11 G7 India south korea south Africa Australia
    47 G7 Meeting held united kingdom UK
    Right to freedom and Religion under Article Part 3fundamental Right Article 12 to 32
    Shanghai cooperation Organisation 2021 meeting Dushanbe Tajikistan



  14. India+indoneshsia-samudra skti
    21 june Yoga day
    Health -state list
    Sus 3rd health
    G20-meeting in 2020 Saudi Arabia
    2024 Brazil
    Right to Religion 25-28
    G7this year 47 mum meeting
    Padam vi
    Refurandum 2016brexit.
    Total me 29
    2023 India g20
    G7pura yuropiyan union pr teka
    G747 men this
    G11 sSouth Africa, S. Corina, astri, india
    Suchita srivastv (reproduction) -art 21
    Puttasvami 2017 Art 21
    Up 5th no world
    Country wisest second second
    Justice aditya nath -population
    1.2 percent recently health me
    15th finance -nand keshor
    Sco -tjakis
    129A ipc
    Indian +Russia 2+2

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    ⭕ Bharat ratna instituted on 2 Jan 1954
    First receivers of Bharat Ratna were Dr. C.V.Raman, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, C. Rajagopalachari

    ⭕ 2020 – Saudi Arabia
    2021 – Italy
    2022 – Indonesia
    2023 – India
    2024 – Brazil

    ⭕ D11 = G7 + India + Australia + S Africa + S Korea

    ⭕ Right to freedom of religion – Ar 25-28

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