The magic of Vedic math – Gaurav Tekriwal

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There is more than one way to reach a correct answer in mathematics. Vedic math, an ancient Indian method, sidesteps traditional computations in a manner that provides a shortcut, while being fun to use and to learn. At TEDYouth 2012, to ooh’s and aah’s from the amazed crowd, Gaurav Tekriwal demonstrates the magic of Vedic math.

Talk by Gaurav Tekriwal.


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  1. Nicola Batten

    I didn’t really like it

  2. Saurav Kumar

    I loved it when I got my hands on this at 11th.

  3. Saurav Kumar

    math kids love this

  4. Faizan Hashmi

    We have calculator now

  5. bikash behera

    Why you laughing 🤬

  6. Haishan Hayum

    I am an indian but hate it when Indians think there would be no world without india .

  7. Why haven't India been following vedic maths even though its origin is in India itself is the question here ??!!!

  8. Genuine is rare

    Father of vedic mathematics is the jagatguru shankaracharya bharari krishna thirtji maharaj

  9. Nandan Gayen

    I think,the dislikers have calculator factory

  10. Math's and science was so simplified by our ancestors ✨🕉️ if you read Vedas and puranas you'll find space time continuation theories , advance astrology and many more science things … written 1000y years ago …a great civilization ✨🇮🇳

  11. Hinduism is the best

  12. As an Indian I'm proud that India has contributed 0 to the world.

  13. Hi cam someone recommended me more cool techniques like this? For memorising, reasoning etc??

  14. I learnt this in 5th class

  15. Can I know this person name

  16. Sk Jameel Akhtar

    7:58 isn't that what we are already doing around the globe?

  17. This is one of the most interactive Ted session.

  18. Ankitha Vinod


  19. Bejoro mix vlog


  20. I thought this method yo add and multiply to my lil sis. Few days later i got called to her school for teaching her wrong way to do math. I was shocked because my sis was doing math at the speed of the teacher and even faster then her, eneded up in a huge argument with the principal, she kicked the teacher out of the school ( it was not my intentions tho).

  21. vineet tripathi

    हिंदी में बोलो

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