The Shiloh Ministries and Phone Scams | Multi Level Monday

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Welcome to Multi Level Mondays, a weekly series all about multi level marketing, pyramid schemes, and ponzi schemes.

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  1. Your intro with the owooooo never gets old

  2. Shiloh LeBouff.

  3. Sharkbite Shitposts

    You’re a terrible person

  4. The fact that his last name is Gold is hilariously ironic 😬🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  5. CASPIE!

  6. Katie Williams

    My grandmother got caught up in the mail versions of this scam! She never gave huge amounts, but once you give one of them money you end up on everyone's active list!

  7. If someone wanted to be sinister one could claim that these orgs serve to erode the concept of charity itself, as well as turning a tidy profit

  8. Perhaps some sort of mutual network to provide aid might work better? Eh? Some sort of… mutual aid network? That doesn’t turn a profit?

  9. Anyone calls me to sell me something to take my money gets an earful. I will spend a solid minute or so chewing out any business calling me for ANYTHING that's not an appointment reminder or a confirmation for something I did buy. I spent five minutes cursing out an Indian scammer until he hung up Since he was going to waste my time, I was going to waste his.

  10. Transopticon

    after watching several of these, I've decided the drinking game is every time Blair mispronounces something 😛

  11. Megan Hueser Shields

    As much as I appreciate the information you give on shady businesses but I find it really disappointing you aren't addressing the shady sponsor. There's been a few companies you've taken sponsorships from that I think could easily be subjects of your videos.

  12. Liam Hindahl

    Hey the are just trying to reach you about your cars extended warranty

  13. Shiloh is a very common name for churches and ministries because that was where the Tabernacle was in Old Testament times, and I can assure everyone that not everything Shiloh is a scam.

  14. Trory Nesser

    * Offering you theSoul publishing video*

  15. Severus Byron

    I recently received my first stitch fix box and enjoyed evert piece and bought the whole fix @ £150 for two full sets of clothing and have ordered a regular three month fix and barely buy anything else in clothing

  16. Kayley Sexton

    Darn i thought you were talking about Shiloh fellowship which is an old church i used to go to but would now consider it very heretical/hypercharismatic/new age. They would leave me voice messages every Sunday and I couldn't call back and unsubscribe!

  17. Guntherson220

    23:26 Wait so let me get this straight, a terrorist organization forced C.O.B.R.A. to 'retreat' if I'm understanding right.

    I will see myself out

  18. The Queen Of Cringe

    Those fake charity names are ominous in a particularly strange way. I can’t quite explain it.

  19. Lunar DeBrie

    Alright, she said, "Nevauda," we riot at dawn.

  20. I grew up in a city in OC with some of the most violent crime
    the southwest side of that city
    mold, rats, carjacking, mail theft, battery, assault…
    …i was surrounded by it until i was 17, sadly
    dont go to anaheim. or santa ana. avoid it with your life.

  21. Alidia Smoot

    You should totally do one of these about the red cross, just look up what happened to the literal half a BILLION dollars they raised for earthquake relief in Haiti for the 300,000+ casualty event that destroyed over 90% of some settlements in 2010 and then did NOTHING with that money for the people, instead lining their own pockets. As a first responder who was boots on ground in Haiti immediately after the quake and who stayed to help rebuild for a damned year, I can honestly say that I LOATHE and DETEST the red cross for what they've done, and continue to do, with their donations. Never, EVER, donate to the red cross, they're completely full of crap. Same with wounded warrior. It is immoral, disingenuous, disgusting, and more importantly heart breaking in the midst of that kind of loss.

  22. Did you really just spotlight a payday loan vendor? You really shouldn't be selling from predatory companies while trying to criticize predatory companies and the people who work for/advertise them. 6.76% – 35.99% interest rate. That's disgusting and predatory. These companies take poor people for a ride they can't get out from under and you, being someone who criticizes predatory companies, are someone people would expect to be able to trust to sponsor good companies, and may not realize what kind of bad thing they're getting themselves into because it's coming from you.

    I expected better of you. But I guess I shouldn't have.

  23. This shiot storm makes EA and the like a saint. This is a sure fire way to make the eco fall,apart. Like a virus, in the long run.

  24. aren't we gonna talk abt ur shady sponsor lol

  25. Tzisorey Tigerwuf

    Falsifying documents to get a multi-million-dollar loan that he had no intention of paying back. I wish I had balls that big. I feel bad enough as it is, just considering claiming the full $300 no-evidence-needed Stationery deduction on my taxes.

  26. I am so very careful about charities I give to. It's always best to do research and to check the BBB reviews and ratings.

  27. prismstudios001

    Christianity is a joke….

  28. Elizabeth Gysi

    Update: I just saw Tunnel to Towers advertising on Fox News 🙁

  29. i pay not to see ads but youtubers like you insist on putting them in there videos and it pisses me off and you can't trust online ads so it makes you guys look bad

  30. Mariangela V.

    A segment on call centers is highly needed, companies like Teleperformance are exploiting their workers here in Latin America

  31. Antoinette Chanel

    OC Register 🧡

  32. Amber Bryant

    Not sure if somebody else has made this point but the name Shiloh comes from a city in the Bible, it's just a really common name for Protestant churches. Very few are likely related to this scam.

  33. Philip Ramsden

    Subbed just to get you closer to 1 mil. Great content though

  34. Be careful, Blair.

  35. Soooo while we're on the topic of embezzlement of money intended for the needy, where can one report the embezzlement of covid small business loans intended for staff wages? Because I know a business owner spending his covid business relief money on his family vacations and new cars, instead of paying staff. Might I add that the majority of staff are either starving college students or high schoolers. So he's basically taking advantage of kids.

  36. Congrats on 1milion subscribers

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