The Ultimate Guide To Activated Charcoal

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Everything you’d need to know about the trendy ingredient you might have seen showing up in food, beauty products and even bedding.

Get the charcoal-infused bed sheets used in the video to save water, money, and time by keeping your sheets fresher for longer:

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A boy holding black ice cream in black wafer cone. White background.
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black ice cream
dvulikaia/Getty Images
Black licorice ice cream in the mountains
Pureradiancephoto/Getty Images
Bamboo Activated Charcoal Powder
Meowcyber/Getty Images
coconut shell
jedsadabodin/Getty Images
Champs de Mars
Givaga/Getty Images
Activated charcoal powder in a jar. Top view
rfranca/Getty Images
texture of porous stone
Larineb/Getty Images

Close up of female hands using modern smartphone device at home.
TheRabbitHolePictures/Getty Images
Close-up of Women’s Hand Using a Phone Outdoors
mputsylo/Getty Images
Close-up of girl with glasses eats sandwich
UtlanovD/Getty Images
Facial mask and scrub by activated charcoal powder and yogurt on wooden table
trumzz/Getty Images
Phone ring icon animation with optional luma matte. Alpha Luma Matte included. 4k video
Serhii Brovko/Getty Images
Black charcoal ice cream in a female hand on a blue background
Anton Moskovchenko/Getty Images
Pretty girl taking picture of charcoal ice cream on smartphone
Anton Moskovchenko/Getty Images
thatadamlad/Getty Images
Young woman doing facial black mask sheet with purifying mask on her face on white background
tumeyes/Getty Images
Flame on match
kristiankettner/Getty Images
Big cargo train transporting coal. Aerial shot. Close-up.
SVTeam/Getty Images
Giant bucket wheel excavator for open pit coal mine – lignite
Sergei Kriuchkin/Getty Images
Woman cleans teeth with toothbrush
iStock_Oles/Getty Images
Close-up shot of microscope
Kkolosov/Getty Images
Beautiful teeth maintenance
SanneBerg/Getty Images
The woman removes the black mask from her face
Vsevolod_Smirnov/Getty Images
Polishing teeth in dental office
polly_belyaeva/Getty Images
Woman hand finding a book on bookshelf in the library
Adkasai/Getty Images
Black charcoal burger with red sauce being cut. New trend healthy black food
glowonconcept/Getty Images
Extreme Close-Up of a Smile of an Afro-American Man
Dzhafarov_Eduard/Getty Images
NYC Aerial Shot
sliced_bread/Getty Images
Black Powder Rotating
RockfordMedia/Getty Images
Close-up video of person who wants to sneeze. Allergies, having
Motortion/Getty Images
Girl Eating Ice Cream
dashek/Getty Images
Masseuse applying product on her client face
Wavebreakmedia/Getty Images
African American woman smiling and laughing
rocketclips/Getty Images
Busy office worker doing paperwork time-lapse
SaddamStock/Getty Images
Electric Toothbrush-Slow Motion
LizBrownback/Getty Images
Activated carbon powder in water (green background)
PictureLake/Getty Images
Emergency Center Sign – Rack Focus
Hannisdal/Getty Images
Coal fire
voshadhi/Getty Images
Slow motion water drip, black background
viafilms/Getty Images
Close up of lips and teeth of a smiling black woman, detail
monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images
Morning teeth brushing. Close up woman hands squeezing toothpaste on toothbrush
mrs_veronik/Getty Images
Toothpaste on the toothbrush
iStock_Oles/Getty Images
Young male showing teeth.
Kkolosov/Getty Images
Young female friendly dentist in mask approaching to the patient holding a mouth mirror and a hook with the dental lamp turned on. Standing upon a patient and looking in the camera. Shot in 4k
Patramansky/Getty Images
Painting gray wall with roller brush extension
vesperstock/Getty Images
Happy blonde young woman brushing teeth and smiling at camera
dualstock/Getty Images


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  1. Charcoal is amazing! FDA is not for the people as they allow pesticides and poisons in our food. I also am hesitant to listen to any college research study because science has been corrupt since after world war 2

  2. As an Asian, we use charcoal and sometimes, mixed with apple cider vinegar to fight the toxic smell coming from a newly painted surface.

  3. Activated charcoal and ash has been used for thousands of years in Africa for mild illnesses such as stomach bloating, cramps, etc…discomforts. Also as tooth cleaner without brushing .

  4. Charcoal air filters and tank filters are great when ever I put them in my tanks they really get it looking nice and clean

  5. NOT an ULTIMATE GUIDE, NO info on exactly what activated charcoal will remove – such as estrogen or other medicines or how about viruses.

  6. Fun Fact. Vanilla ice cream used to Black until white people decided something so good couldn’t possibly be black.

  7. I wonder how much these dr and pros were paid to say its not good for you…

  8. You want to activate charcoal. I am sales raw materials in activating charcoal.

  9. activated charcoal, along with many other vitamins, sued to be just for food poisoning or prescribed by a doctor. I mean, nothing wqs so much health-hyped before the internet or youtube/insta. Thanks for the vid.

  10. Hey I was wondering what you think would happen if charcoal was burned in a candle?

  11. I'm a bit confused… if dust mites are adsorbed to the charcoal-infused linens and towels, aren't you essentially wiping and sleeping on these adsorbed mites?