Third Stimulus Check Update & Daily News Report Saturday Jan 23

Third Stimulus Check Update and stimulus package update and stimulus check 3 update and daily news.

We look forward to covering the third stimulus check update and the stimulus 3. We’ll keep you up to date on the stimulus check 3 status. The 3rd stimulus check and the stimulus check round 3 is expected to happen with Joe Biden as President and Democrats in control of the Senate.

Thank you for tuning into the third stimulus updates for the 3rd stimulus checks.

We cover the second stimulus check and the stimulus update. The stimulus package passed under the Trump Administration in March of 2020 was the HEROES Act. We discuss the stimulus check, the second stimulus check, stimulus unemployment, the SBA PPP Loan, and the EIDL loan. Please enjoy this second stimulus check update.

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We cover the stimulus check under the stimulus bill under the CARES Act. We cover the CARES Act unemployment and give you the best piece of news during these days with our daily news updates. We hope this helps you secure your stimulus check and check the status of your stimulus check money!

Please check out the video library we have containing information about small business forgivable loans (the PPP loan) with the small business administration and the EDL loan (the EIDL loan) and the Paycheck Protection Program loan (PPP) administered by the SBA. These are forgivable loans created by the stimulus bill that are available now. Please stayed tuned about updates on the unemployment rate, taxes, and the stimulus loan money in Stimulus Package 4 for the CARES Act Stimulus. We hope you enjoy this stimulus update. And we hope this helps you answer questions about the second stimulus and the second stimulus check and clarifies questions regarding the stimulus check second round and second stimulus payments and questions about will there be a second stimulus check.

Some good questions people are asking is when will the Senate vote on the next stimulus package and also when will the Second Round of stimulus checks approved happen? We’ll find out for the stimulus check 2 and 2nd stimulus check update. Thank you for joining this daily show and daily wire and the stimulus, stimulus payments, stimulus unemployment, and the second stimulus check amount, and more! We hope you enjoy these second stimulus checks update about the stimulus 2 and stimulus package 2 and stimulus checks 2!

Thank you for joining this stimulus bill update and stimulus news. Stayed tuned for the stimulus check 2 date! We’ll look forward to a possible third stimulus check and stimulus check 3. We will update you on the HEALS Act and the CARES Act 2.0 or CARES Act 2 and the HEROES Act 2.0. We hope you enjoy these stimulus check updates regarding the stimulus check 2 status and the stimulus check second. We also look at the executive orders that were recently issued.

Thank you for joining our news today live and news today usa in today’s video!

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  1. They said my check would be mailed on the 6th. Finally got my stimulus today on a debit card. I hope everyone waiting get theirs too 🙏

  2. Ok so anyone who filed as a non filer for the first stimulus are now seemily out of luck. When you filed your 2020 taxes and claimed the credit the IRS is now considering those people as not having filed there 2019 taxes and will NOT issue the credit because of that. I have done an immense amount of research. Anyone having this problem where you filed and now are seeing accepted by irs from your tax filer and the irs wheres my refund has no info available. This is why. What do we do now? As contacting the IRS does not fix this problem as many as well as myself have already done so to no avail.

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  5. This guy is getting me threw this pandemic keep up the good work so many others give false facts but he back everything up 👍

  6. Anna Marrero

    Please explain how 18-20 year olds can’t apply for Stimulus cannot be claimed on taxes cannot find a job what happens to them are they falling through the cracks

  7. There's nothing wrong with resistance , life is full of battles and fights, and that's the way life is, and anyways it develops "Character".

  8. God's Word doesn't say money is the root of all evil, but rather He says, " for the love of money is the root of all evil."

  9. My friend Ed Passaro, just received his 600.00 Stimulus check yesterday.

  10. Xavier Brown

    I’m convinced he isn’t wearing pants..

  11. Sending millions to other countries, paying illegals and spending $$$ on stupid impeachment definitely won’t make America great!

  12. Wow, what a rip off , all america adult citizens, should be paid

  13. Lydia Caceres

    I’m retire and on Social Security. I didn’t receive my second stimulus. I received the first one direct deposit. I’m no longer required to file taxes because I’m leaving on less than 15k a year. Half of that pays my rent. I went on the IRS sight and it’s says no current info available. What’s happened?

  14. ??? Why as a tax payer am I now basically going to be paying child support for every minor in the US???? Seriously. Plus increase of minimum wage to $15/hr. Holy cow!!!!! How much inflation are we going to endure????

  15. Can i filed tax separately even though i am married and husband lives with me but doesn’t pay for anything ?

  16. Why havent i gotten my second stimulus??

  17. The crooked budget acly continue because vacuum contemporaneously rely near a parsimonious scent. cynical, well-groomed yam

  18. If you don't pass the 2k stimulus relief you ain't black…..

  19. I love you. Your content is great! ♥️

  20. Would I get the monthly payments for a child once he's born in a week? Or must they be on your last year's taxes?

  21. Charles Keith

    Im impressed with this guy hes very informative im a senior citizen with
    Cancer i trust god i have not gotten my stimilus money but i believe god and
    God is worthy of all the praise

  22. Viraphanh Oriyavong

    Great show A+

  23. Louvenia Phillips

    when will the irs allow people to update their bank account information for 2021.

  24. On going battle

  25. Carol Benson

    Where is the 2nd stimulus check of $600 that was supposed to be mailed on Jan. 6???????????

  26. Need stimulus for essential workers only they need to be rewarded for working everyday and keeping America running

  27. Ruffman SavageVeteran

    Hooray for inflation! I would rather have my old job back, not a hand out from a socialist regime.

  28. with the help of Chris 9852501953 I got free $2500

  29. Yeah I'm afraid begin Trilogy Story American he's already lost a whole bunch of jobs already that's what he's in there to do is kill America

  30. Yes I do agree on a third stimulus check the raising the prices on everything even gas making it ridiculous to live and yes it's a cop was being assaulted I believe the cop was right

  31. William Solano


  32. Vince vincent

    You're really good man. My only suggestion is cheer up a bit bud. You're good but a lot of the time it kind of feels like you're having a bad day. You seem impatient. Kind of. Hahaha. I love your accuracy. However you should try smiling a little more. Haha. Just giving you a little guff. It just seems sometimes like you really don't like doing these vids. Haha. Other than thst… You're really good

  33. pink&confidantP2Me

    If people dont want the vaccine they shouldn't have to take it. Making people take the vaccine to work or shop or even getting an apt is taking away our free will and bribing people to take it is just like making us take. Its saying do what I say or suffer big middle finger to the sanate and government

  34. Barbara Blevins

    We need that check

  35. Karelyn Rosa

    Is it just me, or does he look more lean? Have you been working out while the rest of us have put on a Covid 20?! Lol?!

  36. Stephanie Maximini

    Biding is a lier.

  37. leeroy Pruitt


  38. Denmarck addams

    This is the most uninformative channel on YouTube,and I say this with the upmost respect ✊

  39. Having aMAJOR surgery Thursday ,my only child lives 4 hrs away..cannot afford to put her in hotel to come take care of me


  41. Jacob Delgado

    What if my second one still says not available and i got first one

  42. Deborah Waldrop


  43. Mary Barrett

    So what if you owe $600 back tax and irs put out a warrant for you? They get it back someway 😫

  44. Rebecca Grant

    They want to make stimulus monthly for people with children. What about the people on social security who can't work but are in there 50s with grown children???? It's not right. We need assistance too. HELP

  45. richard klegin

    snaps only help illegals and not the working joe . get it joe and our presidents name is joe

  46. Tamika Givens

    I love and respect your comments and opinions Brian, but the one thing that I don't understand is why not one YouTuber will answer why is no status available showing up on majority of people's get my payment and why is this all of a sudden happening when people were told from the very beginning that you wouldnt need to file taxes to receive and will this problem be fixed I'm not talking about the ones who's already generated a date that it was sent out but why are so many people receiving unavailable and they received the first stimulus checks for the people with no change of address no change in banking accounts why is this happening all of a sudden especially when you file taxes in 2020?

  47. We never recieve the first stimulus which was $1,200.00 each person and some are receiving the second stimulus $ 600.00 while us nothing ,Why??? And there’s third stimulus ??? It’s unfair…

  48. Roderick Wright

    Joe Manchin is a DINO

  49. Theyve already made the 2nd stimulus more a pain in the ass to get. Can only imagine what the corrupt leaders of the U.S. will do with the 3rd

  50. Sonya Styles

    Johnson&Johnson? Isn't that the same company who has cancerous baby powder??
    No thank you but they can keep that vaccine.

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