Third stimulus update: Democrats agree to income cap on $1,400 checks

The Senate wrapped up a late-night session reading President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID rescue plan. Senate Republicans oppose the relief bill, which is why Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson forced Senate clerks to read the full bill aloud, delaying debate as long as possible.

Typically senators skip having the clerk read the entire bill out loud, especially when the legislation is hundreds of pages.

In a tweet, Johnson estimated the full reading of the bill could take 10 hours. According to Politico, Senate Democratic leaders estimated it would take four to five hours.

The Senate clerk began reading the bill at 3:21 p.m. Eastern. The clerks took turns reading it out loud. They wrapped up at 2:04 a.m. Friday — 10 hours, 43 minutes.

The next step comes Friday. The Senate will convene at 9 a.m. for three hours of debate. After that will be what’s known as the “vote-a-rama” of amendments. Senate Republicans are reportedly considering dragging that process out into the overnight hours.

Democrats have said they want the relief bill signed before the last round of emergency jobless benefits run dry on March 14. To stay on that schedule, the House will have to approve the Senate’s version before sending it to President Joe Biden. #WakeUpCLT #Stimulus



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  1. Joseph Kuzara

    The DNC with its millionaire career politicians does not care about the impoverished. Why? Because even though the stimulus was targeted toward us impoverished, they knowingly passed and signed an partisan unprotected private debt stimulus bill that would affect the majority of us eligible. The majority of the impoverished have private debt and not just federal debt. They rushed their pork spending as a partisan vote to line their pocket through reconciliation that unprotected those who would be subject to private debt. Which is the majority of impoverished people who are targeted in the stimulus!

    I deem this the FUBAR Stimulus ACT.

    All they cared about was rushing their pork spending so they can benefit from tax dollars. And gave no care knowing that many in poverty have private debt.

    What I thought was going to help me move out of the woods into residential housing so I can renew my state ID to go back to work has been thwarted. Now I must struggle even further than I have to save up in hopes I can atleast get into housing for a couple months to get an ID to be able to work.

    I was really depending on that $1,400 as a buffer for subsidized living so that i can prove that i am austinian to replace my lost ID and go back to work. I would have rather waited to receive that aide if it meant to be protected from federal and private debt.

    What they did was not a mistake, they acted knowingly that the
    majority of the" targeted" would be
    screwed regardless of race and political affiliation of which I am neither democratic nor republican!

    Of those who have not been in poverty to the degree of homelessness, are ignorant of how expensive living in that circumstance can be due to living without walls, locks and security systems. We are more subject to theft than those who have housing as we are a easier target for those within the the homeless community who are depraved and have no shame.

    So I don't want to hear a ignorant comment saying that it should be easier to save up with less expenses!

  2. Vance Keeling

    I already filed 2020 taxes. I am slightly over the 160,000 limit for married filing jointly. My 2019 taxes I was below the 150,000 limit. Will the IRS use my 2019 or 2020 income. I am hoping I did not lose alot of money by filing my taxes early.

  3. Emma Strackeljahn

    Why does the unemployme t and pup get retro checks and we on social security don't after we waited so long they need to send another check right away not six months from now

  4. You gotta laugh when she had to stop herself on “ teachers” needing the money. Only 9% of that bill goes to covid and the people…all the rest goes to democrats friends and pork wate projects. And to democrat states that were billions in debt before the virus and are filled with waste and corruption. Another dirty bill by democrats.

  5. We asked for a spanking we re getting it hahah.

  6. Diane Ferre'


  7. Helen Thomas

    $15 an hour everybody can eat

  8. Alanda Coleman

    I need hope to buy my rent and bills

  9. Alanda Coleman

    We need hope now

  10. Alanda Coleman

    We need it now to pay bills and rent and buy food

  11. Julie Willis

    Put them feet's in front of the other let's get this done people's lives matter give give give live a little love a little more my Lordy why so long cometh Lord this shall pass

  12. Jason Hasselbacher

    1800 under Trump. 0 under Biden

  13. Privatepilot

    When Biden says “rescue plan” you have to think opposites. He’s actually saying “destruction plan”. Remember, they always use opposites.

  14. You voted for him … Wut the people doint get its the loosers in the house its congress. Get rid of the waisted swamp. People

  15. Constance Smoot-tanner

    Pass it without the Senate

  16. I hate it here Congress is terrible how the Democrats are terrible they have control. Damn the Republicans they only care about themselves

  17. Tina Vocassio

    People are struggling and in desperate need of financial help. Please help asap. Passed the bill soon and send it out. 🙏🙏🙏

  18. We need the money

  19. wilbert rodrigo

    Americans speak already eepubs should zipp their mouth.

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