THIS IS IT! $2000 4th Stimulus Check Update + Student Loan Cancellation + ContextLogic Wish Stock

$2000 4th stimulus check update and recurring stimulus check update, plus the deadlines for the coming stimulus packages, new details of the $3.5T budget deal, and more importantly, how this could mean more stimulus checks in our future. I’m not kidding, guys. Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Pramila Jayapal already said it! We also have tips for divorced parents out there who may want to reconsider getting those child tax credit monthly payments. Then student loan cancellation care of President Biden, where are we on that? Find out all that plus our breakdown of Contextlogic Wish stock. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer set a Wednesday deadline to wrap up talks on both the bipartisan infrastructure package and an agreement among all Democrats on moving forward on a budget resolution. This includes the $1.2T bipartisan infrastructure deal and the bigger $3.5T Democrats-only stimulus package. . Schumer said he would take a crucial procedural step on Monday that would clear the way for an initial vote next Wednesday on the $579 billion infrastructure package. He also said he wants Senate Democrats to agree by Wednesday on moving forward with the budget resolution that will carry other major portions of President Joe Biden’s agenda. For those on social security, they’re working on lowering health premiums and prescription drug prices, and even expanding Medicare for dental, vision, and hearing. For everyone else, there’s the earned income tax credit. There’s a possibility that they put in here Biden’s $15K first-time homebuyer tax credit or maybe even more rental and mortgage assistance. It was Rep. Pramila Jayapal, together with Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who introduced the Automatic Boost to Communities Act, or ABC Act, just last March. The ABC Act would provide an immediate $2000 4th stimulus check and $1000 monthly recurring stimulus check after that until one year after the pandemic is over. Sen. Bernie Sanders is no slouch himself when it comes to recurring stimulus.Stock tip of the day: ContextLogic WISH stock isn’t what it used to be. For those invested in WISH stock right now, feel free to tell us more about it but for me, it looks like Reddit traders are moving on and leaving WISH stock behind. With high-flying movers like Virgin Galactic (NYSE:SPCE) catching Reddit traders’ eyes, WISH may be going back to its $8 level pretty soon.

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Trying to time the stock market and guessing what’s ahead is certainly not a great investment strategy for making more money fast. SBA (Small Business Administration) is no longer accepting PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) applications from participating lenders. Retroactive stimulus checks and direct payments are being negotiated in this second stimulus package along with unemployment benefits and extended unemployment insurance benefits such as PUA, PCUA, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, regular unemployment insurance benefits, PEUC.
The information contained on this YouTube Channel and the resources available for download/viewing through this YouTube Channel are for educational and informational purposes only. I am not a licensed financial or tax professional. You should seek advice from a licensed professional before making any investment/financial decisions. Links provided, including those to Amazon, M1 Finance and others, may be affiliate links whereby a small commission may be paid out. I care about my community and my subscribers, therefore I only provide links to resources that I personally use and/or that I believe are of good quality. I appreciate everyone’s support and am always here to help. I wish everyone all the best, and be safe.

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  3. How many times these politicians say its coming soon soon for them is 8 months nothing going to happen there going to use the pandemic is almost over so they won't pass it

  4. Kenishia Brown

    I got mine on the 14th and it was a blessing I took my daughter school shopping and it was direct deposit 🖤

  5. Hello and Happy Sunday keep the faith!! Much love,grace, prosperity, and peace ✌

  6. Andre Turner

    Sick of all this update b*****

  7. Jennifer Allen

    Will People on SSI get the 4TH Stimulus check? I’m living on 794$ That’s not enough to do anything Ron can you give us Answers please?

  8. Janice Hopkins

    Hello my friend Ron, very happy to hear from you this morning early today.

  9. Maria Topping

    I get my big thing right now is I am so the last two stocks I own and I had to sell my house I have so much to fix in it and I can't get any help except for some friends before I got sick this was my dream to do and I need to finish fixing it up I want SSDI I only work a few hours a week and I didn't get to your roommate and it really pays the bills and I started together for me because I can't afford the car insurance and I have to fix some things in my house thank God I have some friends we're going to lose my house insurance stimulus check will really help but I know it's not going to be reoccurring what big is the deal is SSI SSDI Medicare or in the middle everything else is away from us that's and they need to fix the insurance for Medicaid Medicare you know we're in the middle or else is booming and they're leaving us behind is this in the package what are they going to run on it

  10. Ginette Ramos

    I really don’t believe nothing they say you know why they kept saying 3,000 for child tax credit and all they got was 250 so you think about that

  11. Janice Lauber

    Ssi does not get medcare

  12. Janice Lauber

    I can't wait to vote in 2022

  13. Woke up to the money thrs morning. I had it budgeted out and most of it was gone within two days I have $100 or so I’m putting in my kids bank account to pay for his phone bill monthly. I’ll keep putting it in the kids accounts too. We have a plan for the money and building food storage etc etc

  14. Justin Grant

    Still waiting for 2 and 3rd stimulus Including the California stimulus check

  15. amber frazier

    Really, people need to go back to work. Free money is not really free.

  16. teresa hodges


  17. Tennille Jones

    What about health care worker who worked through covid, what are they doing for them?

  18. barbara pasch

    Ron, First,Thank you so much. Are you aware of the circulating petitions with over 3000 signatures and growing from people pleading for help?

  19. Marcus white

    Typical government wanna help half the 🌎 and not all of it smdh

  20. Gloria Rodriguez

    Believe until I see it

  21. Gloria Rodriguez

    And get the some of this checks I didn't get my money

  22. Gloria Rodriguez

    But I don't get


    What do you mean "This is it" you mean like this is it we ain't getting anything right?

  24. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  25. Elizabeth Crail

    I’m sick and tired of hearing about the child/tax credit checks, while us low income people are NOT GETTING ONE SINGLE CENT OF EXTRA MONEY!!

  26. ElGAMA.. 71 sc LA

    So we wont get this 4th stimulus check if u got the first rounds..of stimulus

  27. Roberto Villamil

    How about social security

  28. Deborah Delacruz

    Are we getting it and when

  29. Hey Ron is everyone going to get it or is it just the ones that as child credit

  30. Daryel Taliaferro

    How you do it you’re

  31. Michelle Davis

    Direct deposit 7/14

  32. Samantha Petty

    Thanks for wasting our time

  33. Karen Castro

    I'm no longer waiting for the EDIL GRANT LOAN because I earn $ 26,700 every 10 days recently.

  34. 12 gauge punk

    Where can I find a petition?

  35. 12 gauge punk

    I paid child support and I'm struggling… 8 need help

  36. Amy Peterson

    Ron, could you please clarify the $500 for college students age 18-24? My son turned 18 in 2021. He was on high school until he graduated in May. He’s enrolled in college for fall.

  37. Joseph Rueck

    nothing about if or when we are going to get another check ?

  38. Quincy Taylor

    Wayne could receive the stimulus checks you know account

  39. flatland keeping it flatter

    I, for one, am getting tired of "looking forward…," You?

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