Thomas' credit comeback

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See how Thomas overcomes his wife leaving – and the credit card debt she left him with – by raising his credit over 200 points* within a year of signing up for Credit Karma.
*An average score change of 24 points has been seen among a selection of members who logged in at least once per month for the 12 months from July 2018 to June 2019.


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  1. Really effective commercial. Didn’t skip, and that’s a rare thing. I see others are saying the same thing. Really personable and full of soul.

  2. Thanks for deleting my comment. You truly are a scam outfit. Ill keep posting my comments as much as i have to. YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF SCAMMERS. LIARS. Typical merican business. SCUMBAGS. I HOPE YOU GET WHAT YOU HAVE COMING.

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  4. I just came here to dislike this video and hope he falls back into debt. Sick of this damn AD

  5. This ad annoys the fuck out of me. I like credit carma but this dude takes the whole "running sentence" to a new level…. I was with this girl who left me I defaulted on credit cards and got a puppy blah blah blah. Fucking so annoying. Take a breath and learn to stop talking at the end of a fucking sentence…

  6. Why did you keep my tax return then refuse to answer my emails and then disabled live chat support after they were filed?

  7. Credit karma sucks. The customer service suck, everything about this site is garage, it will cause you more problem, especially for tax season

  8. Every time I see this commercial I yell out “ 13 YEARS!??!?” She messed him up real good! I would hit her with that OJ Simpson treatment for messing my life up like that🔪🔪!! 13 YEARS?!?! Cosmo is now 13 & I’m just now able to get a loan for a house?!?! He is damn near on his death bed now before I can get a home for us!?!? OMG!!! How much debt did she dump on him where it messed him up that bad?? My goodness😡

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  10. I really like this commercial. Reminds me of myself in a way especially with my ex and the dog lol. The voice actor is awesome too. Good job Credit Karma.

  11. the animation is so well done and so wholesome! i'm glad i got this ad seriously.