Tips for starting your Youtube Channel (100,000 Subscriber Special)

Want to know how to grow on Youtube in 2020 and get more views and subscribers?


🚀 Wonderful human beings! Today I share some of the secret tips and tricks all creators use to grow their Youtube Channels. Everything from find the perfect tags for your videos to ranking your videos based on a number of different factors. If you want to grow your subscribers and get more views on your Youtube videos in 2018, then this video is for you!

My current workhorse camera –
Vlog with this – wide with this lens – portraits with this one –
One lens EVERYONE should own –
CRISPY audio – drone –
Smooth DSLR video – video on your phone –
Go-to action cam –



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  1. I'm doing all this and it doesn't seem to be working. Can someone look at my channel and tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm putting my all into this and I don't know why It's not working. I need this and it's my dream to succeed on this path.

  2. Great tip, cheers for the tips! Good luck to everyone else building their channels 🙂

  3. We rise by lifting others!! Who else is trying hard to grow their channel, let's grow together, much love 🤗

  4. Kelly Nguyen

    I just started and this is so helpful! Thank you!

  5. Earthy Reenz

    No nonsense tips, still relevant 2 years later! 🙌

  6. JK’s Adventures

    Happy I found your channel. You are a natural.

  7. Naybee Aulian

    Tqsm for tips 🥰

  8. speechogamer

    That's true we should start early. I have invested 1.6 years of my life on my old youtube channel. I have made many mistakes and learned a lot. However, now I am ready to give it a fresh start with experience, knowledge and new energy.

  9. Jon BelcherStation

    Great video brotha. Thank you for this info. I find that posted regularly is helping me as well as sharing my video on other platforms as well. I’m on the road to 100K lol congrats on already accomplishing that

  10. Is the search engine traffic or suggested traffic more reliable?

  11. John D U L G H E N S

    This is such a great info. Thank you for share it us!

  12. Sub and comment and il sub back🙏

  13. Sammy Almahi LeBrasseur

    This was so awesome. Very helpful video!

  14. jacque wallace

    Do you shoot your vlogs in 4K or HD1080P

  15. Mehdi Trache

    Great advices ❤ Thank you 😊

  16. What The Bake

    Thanks for this great video. Will definitely be applying these tips from now on!

  17. Amazing video Shelly! It really gave me what I was I looking for to boost my music channel.

  18. Channel Dad Bryon Lape


  19. Real Life Travel

    Great tips man! Just discovered your page and subbed!

  20. Very inspiring and helpful video. Especially for me as a total YouTube creator newbie!
    Thanks so much for sharing

  21. Francisco Uriostegui

    Great tips! Going to start implementing them asap! My goal is to hit 300 subs by the end of the year! If you're willing to help with that lets help each other grow 😀

  22. Zah Mthethwa

    Any small youtubers, lets grow together.

  23. Greig Hutchison Visuals

    Thank you so much Sheldon for these tips. Im a South African YouTuber who makes similar content to you however im struggling to get the ball rolling. i hope implementing these tips will help me get more subs. BTW i subbed to you. great content

  24. Jessica Bauer

    subbing to those who
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  25. Wow I can't express my happiness in words! I'm also among wonderful human beings after subscribing! 😊

  26. Frustrated Chef - Mama Jo

    This really helps! Thanks!
    Hi guys! I'm gonna be making my first ever Vlog. And i am on a 1k challenge. Hope could help me and subscribe to my channel and send me any idea or suggestions for my first ever VLOG.
    Thank you so much!
    I can subscribe to yours as well. Just let me know!

  27. Wow really great information. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Hope it helps my channel to grow

  28. guys lets grow together !checking out everyones channel who likes this comment

  29. Any small youtubers out there?lets support each other guys honestly & permanently,,,im waiting!Thanks

  30. Gareth Stirling Cruisers

    Like cars?
    Hit subscribe
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    I'll sub back fast
    Any support is much appreciated.

  31. shelby nichole

    Thank you for this it's really helpful I appreciate it

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  37. Anytips on what to use for editing videos? What free programs can I use?

  38. Pintu Mistri

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    4: I will do the same!

  39. Verena travels

    Thank you, this is a really useful video. I find it hard to grow my channel. I’m an introvert, and have told only ONE good friend that I’m setting up a channel, to take the pressure off myself. Will get cracking on getting my head around the keywords. New subscriber.

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