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The latest Cardano Price Predictions, ADA News and Updates and more. Cryptocurrency news, straight up without the fluff. Changing your financial well being tomorrow, begins today.

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  1. I am very excited about the prospect of using cryptocurrency, not just as a money equivalent, but using it as a shield for my kid's financially

  2. Ferdinand Chavez

    That day Pig 🐷 went high I had $30 in it and that went to $1,550 that day. ☺️. Of course it’s down to previous levels but it’s gone up and down a few times. Made my money with this continually. I stay in it because I like the look of it. 🤣

  3. Pig finance!! The real gem of 2021, hold and wait for a very green future😎💎💰🚀✈️

  4. Be nice if we could see the entire screen. Why in the world do you think seeing your face is more important to your viewers than the actual information you are putting out…. So annoying. Ill never watch anything you put out ever again.

  5. Accumulate these coins Ada, BNB, Kishu Inu, BNB Diamond, Eth and Ethereum Max, HotDoge, and Viagra Token

  6. I love PIG! Let's go to the mooooon!!

  7. Surya Satria

    Pig to the moon

  8. Niels Taling

    Pig will fly again solid project

  9. Animal friend

    I will HOLD pig because it makes sense and hit like if you hold pig

  10. Ismail Fezazi

    Pig to the moon yyes

  11. PIG is a wonderful project!

  12. Pig has a very big potantial and it will be pumped like shib coin one day

  13. simonlesorcier

    Good! Got the channel and PIG back! Community support!

  14. Pig to the Moon

  15. proudtobemuslimgirl1

    please share more information about PIG TOKEN

  16. 🐷🐷🐷 $pig $pig $pig 🐷🐷🐷

  17. Pig!!!! Like it!

  18. I LOVE PIG Token👍

  19. NoPainNoGain

    Good coin with a good future plan

  20. Keep it up

  21. Reza Abdolrahimi

    Pig is real gem

  22. sourav thakur

    Pig finance moon soon

  23. sound mostly on the left side ….

  24. Rupesh Bhujel

    I am also holding 12 billion pig 🐷 token buy or regret later

  25. purwo jatmiko

    Good $pig

  26. $pig to the moon

  27. pig to the moon

  28. Helo… i'm not a sound troll….. I realy suggest you consult a sound technician or to watch a video as we see it, to understand what we complain about… thanks for all…

  29. proudtobemuslimgirl1

    PIG will hit up more then before.highly potential

  30. The saga continues!!!

  31. Rittoo Singh


  32. So happy you’re back!!

  33. Glad to see you got your channel back😊

  34. Finally, i love this intro, the old one was trash!

  35. Gerard Harrison

    One of the best utubers honest

  36. You are back bro!!!

  37. Patrick Lange

    Keep making great content. Glad that you’re back!

  38. Thx bro. Pls I wanna more PIG's info.

  39. Monika Lyhagen

    Heya! You are back!!


    So happy you are back man, crypto without you no fun. Welcome back crow.

  41. Sheriff Family Vlogs

    Welcome brother

  42. The House Painter

    Thank God you are back ! Greetings from Ireland!🖖

  43. Too much pig

  44. Glad you’re back mate!

  45. Pedro Castaneda

    Dude this sounds a lot like bonfire and safemoon

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