Top 10 Greatest Actor Performances That Got Zero Credit

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Praise doesn’t always go to the people who deserve it. For this list, we’ll be looking at performances by recognizable stars that failed to generate the attention they deserved. Our countdown includes Amy Adams, Sam Rockwell, Denzel Washington, and more! What amazing performance do YOU think deserved more recognition? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I think Stanley Tucci with his role of Mr. Harvey deserves some credit…He was freaking creepy and believable

  2. Alot are so to who produced it etc if your not in the elite group of sickos your not winning shit

  3. I've just watched Lance Henriksen play an 80-something man (which he is) with dementia in the movie Falling and his performance is hypnotic. He steals each scene he's in and we beg for more. But the movie and his performance went under the radar.

  4. Paul Dano should've been nominated The Best Supporting Role by Oscar Academics for his work in There will be blood.

  5. Does anyone actually think that the most deserving wins the Oscar or is it money motivated, bought and paid for?

  6. Is ironic how you did a vid of underrated characters (or films) and you ignored dolores clairbone

  7. I love Drive but Gosling had like 7 lines in the film and skated through the film stoicism and a 1000 yard stare. Albert Brooks stole the movie and was the film that made me start paying attention to Oscar Issac who should be on this list for Inside Llewyn Davis

  8. As far as Michael Shannon goes, his performance in "Bug" is his best work imho. It's was a play by Tracy Letts, that was adapted for the big screen by the Academy Awards winning director of "The Exorcist". Tracy Letts wrote the screenplay and Michael Shannon reprised his stage role. It only has 5 or 6 people in it and 90% of the movie takes place in a hotel room. Ashley Judd is fantastic as the female lead opposite Shannon. The movies is about the psychosis known as "Folie à Deux" or "Madness for Two, wherein a weaker submissive personality can be drawn into, and taken over by the delusions of a stronger, more dominant person. This movie isn't for everyone. It's a high concept film that is dark and quite disturbing, increasingly so as the two lead characters tumble further and further down the rabbit hole of delirium and insanity. You watch in horror as the two discover bugs on their bodies and surroundings and must take measures to rid themselves of the critters and uncover a government coverup conspiracy that wants to silence our two leads at any cost. If you can stomach the the whole film, I can guarantee that you will be blown away by the performances of Shannon and Judd and that you will never see another movie like it….

  9. Kirsten Dunst in Melancholia being snubbed by Academy while she was B.A. in Cannes is unbelivieble. Her performance is a masterpiece.

  10. So glad to see Rebecca Hall in Christine getting some recognition. Many people don't even know this movie exists.

  11. Toni Colette was f*ing amazing in Hereditary. Swinton's performance was mesmerizing in We Need to Talk About Kevin. I felt like I just held my breath through both films. Not really sure why they weren't closer to number 1.

  12. Amy Adams is always overlooked, because her acting seems so effortless? Thanks for re-introducing other films to watch that had fallen off the horizon. Quirky or "character" actors are very often overlooked because they don't seem to "bring" the film community's love (which possibly is purchased in various ways, much like what happens in Washington, DC). Again thanks for the contribution you make to the world of cinematography.