Top 10 MUST Have Apps on the Raspberry Pi 4!

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These are 10 applications, that I’d recommend everyone to use on their Raspberry Pi! They are mostly all open source, and will improve your experience and make your life easier! What apps are you favorite on your Pi?

Stacer –
Pi-Apps –
PiKiss –
Flameshot –
Box86 + Wine –
FreeTube –
Bpytop –
Puffin –
Tilda –
Vscodium –

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  1. Wait a minute, how'd you get Wine on Raspberry Pi OS? I've been trying so hard to set it up!

  2. Personally though, I'd rather use Conky as it keeps running in my desktop and shows me real time data!

  3. With being in lock down for months now, I took the plunge into Pi land and thanks for the tips.

  4. Nice tutorial!! You can backup all those awesome customizations to your own compressed image file with PiSafe. Then restore later if your system gets messed up. Available on pi-apps.

  5. After installing pi apps I opened it. I selected an app and clicked install and it opened terminal and said "Failed to install "app-name" with install-64 script!" What do I do now?

  6. Excellent Video, thanks for the apps! Would you mind making a video (or atleast linking it if you have made one already) about how you got this Raspberry Pi OS setup, it looks stunning!

  7. It would be helpful if you let us know if you are using 32-bit or 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS.

  8. I agree PiApps, Pi Kiss, FreeTube (use in windows too) are indispensable apps for the RPi. Puffin browser looks good, do you know if it's a private browser? I will also check out Tilda. Thanks.

  9. Stacer works perfectly fine inUbuntu on pi4/400 it also shows the memory usage and other usages properly

  10. you have now officially became a youtuber in my eyes

    2 non skippable 10 sec ads at the start XD