Top 12 PowerPoint New Features | PowerPoint Updates and Tips for Spring 2021

A step-by-step tutorial on 12 PowerPoint New Features. These include PowerPoint tips on using PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams, presenting directly from PowerPoint into Teams, Convert Word to PowerPoint, Auto Fix, PowerPoint for Mac updates and lots more. This is the modern and AI-infused PowerPoint, so check it out and learn the latest and greatest for Microsoft PowerPoint. This is not your parents’ PowerPoint!

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✅ Presenter Coach

✅ Mac stuff

📝 Table of contents
0:00 Introduction
0:14 Present directly into Teams from PowerPoint
1:24 PowerPoint Live in Teams improvements
2:12 Convert Word to PPT
3:01 Immersive Reader
5:35 Auto Fix in PPT web
6:27 Agenda to Presentation on PPT web
7:52 Presenter Coach in iPad and Desktop
8:42 Presenter Coach body language
10:47 Mac record audio
11:11 Narrate and record PPT in Mac
12:37 Mac export PPT as animated GIF
13:31 Mac Link to slide

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  1. Amazing new features Mike! I also love how you have broken down timelines of when people can expect these different features based on the 365 channel they are in.

  2. Dave D'Silva

    Excellent tips and pacing. Was able to use right away.

  3. Peeyush Choudhary

    Awesome. So many great features

  4. Madeline Lopez

    Hi. Regarding the Present in Teams feature, what if the presentation has audio? Will it work? Thank you for your great videos. Really enjoy them!

  5. As an instructor I am really appreciating your presentations on the features and tips. Keep up the great job!!!

  6. Pedro Tytgat

    Important to know: when you record a meeting using Powerpoint Live, the ppt presentation isn't recorded as it is presented! I only discovered this after recording a few remote lessons. The attendees see a correct presentation, but this is not what is recorded to Stream. This is not a bug, I later learned, but is by design.

  7. Thank you for this. Would it be possible when presenting the powerpoint in a meeting/teams, share as well a video inserted in the powerpoint without having to change the screen and click again sharing computer sound? At the moment I have to swap ways of sharing the power point so I can share as well the video+audio otherwise viewers cant see it. I have to have the same powerpoint opened twice in the desktop and also uploaded from my computer ready to share it accordingly. This is not smooth as I have to swap the sharing and click once more the computer sound. Hope this is making sense. Thank you

  8. humanitarkamkd

    Wait a minute. AI is used to decide which template to use when converting from Word to PowerPoint?
    That means the contents of my Word document are fed to a machine?
    Basically my privacy is gone?

  9. María Castillo

    Thank you so much for this video. It’s very useful for students

  10. Kirsty Hepworth

    Wow amazing


    You're such an expert. Love your videos and Oh! your quality is extremely awesome. Great video.

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