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1. @𝕊𝕙𝕒𝕪𝕊𝕙𝕒𝕕𝕠𝕨𝕤
2. Snowy butterfly
3. [ Ullma ] { Happiness }
4. ][Åshlyñ][
5. Cloudy Vibes
6. [Gacha Devil]
7. Cheez
8. 『•Naomi Chanz•』
9. 『 Melissa 』
11. Bleke- Phoenix-Nika
12. Tio Minato
13. Moonlight’s Luna
14. Chiildish
15. VxnC_.
16. •Carmeł•
17. Everyone_blues

My birthday was 10 years ago meme
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only traitors will know this song
I can’t marry her, she is my friend
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Trying to copy the princess
Whoever sings this song is the UA traitor…
Daddy’s not a cheater
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I am just joking around
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Your mom is sleeping
I’m an Albatraoz Meme
Myw Myw Negal
That’s my voodoo doll meme
Da da da daa Meme
She doesn’t even has an Umbrella!
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She is just sleeping Meme
My daddy’s got a gun
Just like Yuri Meme
Pillow Fight
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Stop The Wedding
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  5. Love the intro

  6. Angelica Candelaria

    They must live in a different planet or world :’)

  7. The Vo Family

    Technically this is not possible because you celebrate your birthday every year-

    So there’s no such thing as having a birthday 10 years ago ;-;

  8. I knew I seen your videos before but I haven't watched you in a minute so I'ma sub

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  12. Well, it could still be her birthday. My birthday was ten years ago and yet its my birthday tomorrow. MiNd bLoWn

  13. ꧁ Møønlīght ēmīly Øffçīål꧂

    I have a video sakura and it's by you i add you

  14. Who ever made this trend rember evry one has a birrhday evey year

  15. ilyzabet Le Gacha

    0:35 did someone used Gacha mod cuz that’s a virus ;-;

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    I liked your intro 😃✋

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  24. World of Joy & Happines


  25. bad parents

  26. Honestly I'm not hating but like in these memes why do the characters go "MY BIRTHDAY WAS 2 YEARS AGO" you have a birthday every year


    But how it was 10 years ago everyone has a birthday in a year

  28. ꧁ Møønlīght ēmīly Øffçīål꧂

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  37. Me: What does it mean my "MT Birthday was 10 years ago"

    After: I still don't get it

  38. •Angela 4ever•

    This is for the peeps that are alittle confused about the meme
    : So basically in the first scenes you see the supposedly "parents" celebrating their child's bday but then their other child comes in or says that its their bday too/or its actually their bday and not their siblings bday, then the parents either get angry at them for not celebrating and being happy for there siblings bday or they'll say that they will celebrate the child that actually has a bday tommorow so then Years past they then find their parents celebrating their birthday then they say that "my birthday was [insert number] years ago!"
    If your asking how was it years ago when you have a bday every year well they most likely meant that one scene when they didn't celebrate their birthday was years ago for example if they said "happy 10th bday" but their "10th bday" was years ago
    Also some memes do it as the parents/or celebrators say "happy [insert number]'th bday!" When they actually got the wrong birthday or they mixed up the age of their child or the child
    (My apologies if this is confusing)

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