Top 5 Crypto Privacy Coins

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  1. Not sure why Dash should be there but good picks!!

  2. Hi, what's your view on ColossusXT? Considering their project, current news and current price?

  3. Kush ibn Ham

    Imho the best privacy coin is EPIC CASH! Its based off the excellent Grin codebase (MimbleWimble) … It just had its first halving, reducing emission from 16 to 8 per block. Between now and 2028 there are FOUR (!) more halvings, from 4 to 2 to 1 and then finally 0.15 and at this point the supply is the same as BTC and stays in sync forever until the last coin is mined in 2140. But unlike Bitcoin, Epic created a multi-algorithm approach that enables people to mine on ordinary computers – 60% for CPU on RandomX, 38% for GPU on ProgPow, and 2% for ASIC’s on Cuckoo31+. The algorithms don’t compete with one another. This is essential for leveling the playing field and preventing massive farms from dominating … EPIC CASH also meets Andreas Antonopolous’ 5 pillars of open blockchains test: Public, Open, Borderless, Neutral, and Censorship Resistant … EPIC CASH is private by default and future proofed against technological advances as no addresses are stored, fungible, decentralized, open source, ASIC resistant and scaleable. Bitcoins chain size is 277GB and growing at – 1GB/week. The chain size of EPIC CASH is 1GB and growing at – 0.1GB/week. Full nodes will be able to run on smart phones in the not to distant future! This is definitely a coin to keep you're eyes on.

  4. Dean saunders

    try doing better research top of this list should be #APL miles ahead of all these

  5. What do you think about cloakcoin and about the future of privacy coins in generally?

  6. Isabel Laurel

    Happy to share that XMR is part of our roster of cryptocurrencies and we just launched our all-in-one multicurrency order book at!

  7. Modesta Mertz

    People who don't look into Zencash are going to miss out

  8. Beverly Franecki

    monero all the way!!

  9. Ambrose Perkins

    Great job on researching different privacy coins. Keep up the good work.

  10. Wiley Wiegand

    the only true privacy as of now for is monero as it is from ground up

  11. Claudine Ernser

    Grin is the best!!

  12. Nicely done you can tell that you put a lot of effort into it👍

  13. Awesome work, +1 suscriber from the ZenCash community 🙂

  14. Patsy Turcotte

    nice job here- love grin and beam via Mimblewimble!!!

  15. Elissa Thiel

    Good stuff Oliver -LOVE IT

  16. Kimberly Mayer

    Very concise but in depth. I hardly knew any of this. You deserve a shitload more subs 😊

  17. Perry Grimes

    Greatly appreciate the effort into making this, very informative. Keep 'em coming!

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