TOP 5 Software Defined Radio Receivers

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Here I go through my TOP 5 SDR Receivers that I have personally used and tested. There is NO best SDR from this list, it’s all a matter of personal choice based on Budget and Needs.

Most Products used in my videos can be purchased through my Amazon storefront.

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  1. I’m still confused about which one. I need one for police frequency like NXDN, P25, and Analog?

  2. I want to know every single rang of frequency. Tell me what should I do and buy.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience. Always been intrigued by ham radio, but the steep barriers to entry have turned me off and it seems to be a declining field. SDR might be a way for me to do some listening without the ham radio barriers.

  4. Great informative list, and I love that you included priceballparks., at least for the first 4, the latter Pluto.. no price info… though will see if I can find it on Google.
    // hmm varies a lot, but no supprise regional danish sellers wants 250Euro (1850DKK)
    seems steep when other vendors even inside the EU are selling it for around half, and around 130Euro, but go figure that's danish price-levels in a nutshell..
    Just got the hackRF with portapack 3.2" with 2100mah lipo and metal housing and +5 antennas were around the 125euro mark, so more or less same ballpark. (board revision 3.3 came with Mayhem1.2 native) and built though the lack of an internal speaker seems like a missed opportunity
    Mostly needed a widespread tool, t get familiar with the aspects, and see what features that appeals to, and which don't and was left with the impression that hackRF+portapack does a lot, and cover a wide band and seems to be able to also work PC interface, alongside the standalone features.
    but will take a closer look at some of your videos with PC software.. that blueish-teint program you have running in many of your videos, look wicked but also above my SDR comprehension, for the time being, not to mention which products it will work with and ifs pay-grade software but will likely pick that info up while going thrue more videos..
    thx for your effort and knowledge, appreciated..

  5. Klaxonstools com make every impossibility in my possible. Thanks to them. They are super legit in their hack

  6. Want:
    Ref clock Input
    Lowest possible T sys
    Low clock jitter
    I use mixers and BP filters to bring the signal where it fits…

  7. Hey nice video! I want to listen to 909 KHz (an AM Radio station in the UK) when hiking in remote areas (i.e. no internet available).

    I think I can use my android phone plus an SDR receiver via USB coupled with some kind of portable magnetic loop antenna (unless bringing a long line of cable to lay on the ground is better?).

    I am considering the SMArTee v2 with Ham It Up Nano which seems like a good balance of portability and value. Could I then just use a NooElec balun One Nine wired to a Tecsun AN-200 passive loop antenna for example?

    How would you best create a portable AM receiver set-up for hiking? Cheers!

  8. Informative, thank-you! I'm a ham and have bought but not unboxed yet the RTL-SDR V3. I hope I've made the right choice.

  9. Any 'top' SDR list that doesn't include a hackRF one isn't hitting the mark for me personally.

    Sorry I get why you prefer the one that has networking, but it should have also been included, with the caveat that you prefer X over y personally due to networking.

    It's like saying 'top Italian foods' and not including most of them because you don't personally like tomatoes.

  10. I want to buy SDR for practice on making cellular network with osmocom so which one is good to begin bladrf or LimeSDR and what are the different?

  11. Title is misleading. It's just the ones you own. No Lime. No Ettus, No Elad, No Icom…

  12. I want sdrplay rsp1a but is not on amazon in my country 🙁 i can buy from sdrplay website …

  13. At the end of the day you'll end up buying many different ones as your interest in them changes … 😅

  14. Traditional short wave receiver/transceivers are rather expensive. SDR devices, on the other hand, are often well below the cost of a video game, making them very attractive to wide segments of the population & age groups curious about the hobby.
    That being said most videos on the subject of SDRs fail to inform, enlighten, & encourage due to them preaching mainly to the choir, rather than that "wide segment of the population & age groups". This video is a good example of that. You sound like someone reading from the results of an eBay search for SDRs. You can do better than that.

  15. Hey from germany i did the noaa project with good results for a beginner all thanks to your videos