Trading Bitcoin – 1-4 Day Correction Officially Over, When Breakout?

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Trading Bitcoin – 1-4 Day Correction Officially Over, When Breakout?
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  1. IDK, 2 day death cross happened… likelihood is down, strong likelihood. Maybe hit 7300 first, but then $5k's incoming or lower would be my guess.

  2. Agreed the helicopter money is more likely to buy corona beer than bitcoin at these times .although if a bull run starts and is televised then a few may buy btc in hope .!!✌️

  3. Litecoin is totally useless crap. Anyone dumb enough to own it deserves to lose their shirt.

  4. Morning from portugal … hey thanks for the covid reality check … was just messaging my grown kids in the uk that 1 day it feels real and the next too exstreme ! But you confirmed it for me to day thanks ✌️

  5. Okaaay, I was still wandering but now I understand. Your metric for a scam is a premine and an ico. Did I get that right? Fundraising vs real business? And premine vs block reward?

  6. Fucking scammer piece of shit from a BUM who doesn't trade pathetic.

  7. The Hubris shown by Tone about the bitcoin price and that it "wont go below X" and "will rise after the halving" reminds me of the Hubris shown by WIlly Woo and Max Keiser about $150k – $400k bitcoin assertions right before the crash

  8. Really Tone, you often act like a government/banker's stooge. "It's really scary" How useful is that? And BTW, you will probably get the virus at some time. WORLDWIDE deaths due to the virus are still LESS than the US deaths due to flu last year. The whole world is in captivity. Either voluntarily (driven by hysterical mass media and Tone!) or by fiat as in Hungary that have just declared dictatorship. Get a grip man, you're more likely to die from a twitter overdose of XRP fanboys

  9. What oil product do you buy/trade? What’s the ticker?

    Been following your videos your years! I really appreciate the content and your prospective.

  10. The breakout comes when the crisis is over. This will not be solved in 2 weeks.