Trading Bitcoin – And There is Pull Back to $6,850, Buy the Dip?

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Trading Bitcoin – And There is Pull Back to $6,850, Buy the Dip?
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  1. Not to be a dick, but I don't believe you own any Bitcoin… and it's not because you stupid…

  2. Look at the "day chart for BTC" we are in the same pattern that we started 01/02/2020 to 03/12/2020 it will end the same way…. crash

  3. Your bullish in a bear market 🤣🤣. Ohhh Geeeze. Buy the dips, sell the pumps

  4. Wow some nasty comments here, bottom must be in. Nice vid again tone, a bit lengthy though.

  5. how is it easy to lose access to all of your bitcoins when you have like 2 papers backups in different places and also a device that's protected by a pin/phrase? you must be very unlucky or just dumb to lose all 3 at the same time.

  6. tone, now that you have more time to daytrade and no more excuses, how much are you losing?

  7. Bitcoin is a sh*tcoin itself. It was nice while it lasted but it has no use case with a lot of problems. A better technology will replace it at some point.

  8. i realize we need to fill time on videos but man with this video q and sound i skipped 70% sr but man i fell asleep

  9. Wait…how is fracking more harmful for the environment than how the Saudis get their oil?

  10. I believe ALTS will make all time high before bitcoin does. Just my 2 Satoshi on Alts🤗

  11. The creator of Elliott Wave, Ralph Nelson Elliott, never made any money trading. He was a consultant and writer after a career as an accountant for railroad companies. He declared bankruptcy. It cracks me up that people still champion his writings about his wave theory. His claim that market cycles are predictable and can be mapped never helped him to earn one cent in financial markets. He made money writing articles and books, not trading.

  12. Do you think it's possible we've been in a downward parallel channel since around last July?

  13. volume is still dropping Tone… I dont think that that trinagle was correctly drawn since volume is still contracting and u have already breakout on your chart. I think this is a rising vedge. Also… 12H Stochastic and also daily is at top regions … I think a correction to 5k +- is inevatable. What do you think ?