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Unconfiscatable (Vegas) April 23-24, 2021
Understanding Bitcoin (Malta) Sep 2021
The Financial Summit (Bali, Indonesia) Nov 2021:

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  1. in the monthly (heikin ashi) timeframe BTC is 2 months away from the 3rd 9 candle top in its history. Both previous 9 monthly tops led to parabolic bull runs

  2. Make a episode on Covid19 and climate scam especially the latter if have expertise. Ivor Cummins has good science on corona scam.

  3. Not taking any vaccines in this greedy messed up world. Keep up the great work Tone, thank you.

  4. Hey Tone did you actually lose your bet yet? What was it… +90 days BTC above $10k? Must be getting close… looks like we're at 82 days ish. Enjoy that meal! BTW thanks for the info on the Georgia wine season. Looking forward to doing that one day when this is all over.

  5. Thank you for taking a stance in regards to the vaccine. I can only say: "Me too!". And I am also grateful for the other comments that they refuse to take this stuff. It's dangerous guys. Only a few people died so far from this virus. (compared to how many people are dying from all kinds of stuff, such as for example a peanut butter allergy) And if they really died from the virus is also very shady if you study the real death causes, such as for example motorbike accident but then on the certificate it says covid. The numbers do not justify any mass vaccination nor any of the measures going on currently. That should tell you right there, that something is really fishy with this thing. My prediction: There will be a massive split in society, much crazier than what we have seen so far. Pro vaccine vs. anti vaccine and the society as we know it will fall apart. We have to stand our ground and remember who we truly are: free spirit beings.

  6. Love the content and have watched for years Tone, but you do realize trumps odds to win have been on the decline for months right? If you disagree you can bet on the outcome and get a nice payout on trump

  7. My flu was so bad one year I decided that I was not going to go through that again – gotten a flu shot every year since and have been flu free since

  8. They thought not wearing a mask was bad? Just wait until they hear I’m not taking their stupid vaccine