Trading Bitcoin – Big Pump in $BTC is $8.3k Next?

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In This Episode of Trading Bitcoin – Big Pump in $BTC is $8.3k Next? 👇👇
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What is? : “Unconfiscatable Celebrity Poker Tournament 2020 (BITCOIN NOT BLOCKCHAIN)”


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  4. There's an 85% chance Tone is wrong about his 60% chance call.

    Where did I get 85% from?
    I pulled it out of my ass, just like Tone did

  5. Where are you getting this 60% it will break below 7k??? sounds like an opinion??

  6. The bitcoin bracelet he charges 30 dollars for is on sale at Aliexpress for 3 dollars😂😂 talk about a ripoff

  7. I think Joe just comes off kinda show offish and rubs people the wrong way idk.