Trading Bitcoin – Big Pump Today, But the Dip Time?

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What is? : “Unconfiscatable Celebrity Poker Tournament 2020 (BITCOIN NOT BLOCKCHAIN)”


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  1. 🧡💛💙💚 I have watched Tone Vays' videos for 8 months now. Many hours. I can confidently say that he is shit to learn off. Sorry Tone but your videos have nothing of substance. You argue with people and waste time describing if a candle is Bullish or Bearish. Are you sure that you're a profitable trader? It doesn't sound like it to me.

    Your videos do not convey any trades of substance. This is not trading. You are preying on WEAK people and unprofitable traders who want to follow "descriptive language" of the market. All Tone is doing is going the route of "mental masturbation" for the masses. People want to sit here and listen to a description of the candles. 👏 Absolute dogshit waste of time.

    And let's not forget that he is Bearish about 99% of the time. Go look at a Bitcoin historical chart, that's whats going to happen to your face if you keep following his bullshit Bearish signals for the next 3 years.

    I strongly recommend people watch other teacher/youtube people to learn. There is no substance here. Tone may be a nice guy in real life but he is taking your money in an unjustified manner. He doesn't even trade anymore, and he charges $1000 for a VIDEO. YES A VIDEO!? Tone is a classic example of a "Trading Educator" that can't make money trading, so they try to be a predator and get people to pay them money to learn.

    Do your research folks, plenty of free material out there to learn trading. Good luck and save your money, this is garbage 🧡💛💙💚

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      he is very good at helping you invest your funds for better profits. Invest $500 and get $6,000 within a week, Email:[email protected] gmail. com   WhatsApp: +19292054684

  3. Make a video could use some advice on this channel where in rejected off the 8800 and went down hard reject the 200 moving is this course to 5000??

  4. Tone Now listen,THE KING DOESNT WORK THE WAY YOU WANT,It won’t go under your targets where you sold,Your pretty damn wrong regarding BTC AND Crypto in general,Kindly go and trade traditional market

  5. Tone! long time listener, first time commenter. Needed to thank you for your continued dedication to the space. How you deal with the trolls and moon boys on a daily basis is beyond me. You are a huge asset to everyone willing to learn about bitcoin. Thank you my friend. Never change!

  6. U da man Tone thank u for helping the good people ur a good person for truth and leaning to trade

  7. Tone we love your overall bitcoin positive messages but seriously wonder why you are giving any trading advice as you have been so wrong and so often. How in the world can a quantitative trader miss the obvious wychoff pattern!!! Your advice of “catch a falling knife” during the recent dip has cost many so much money!! Your time is dedicated to travel and nice scenery, you should take a hiatus from trading advice because your costing your listeners serious money!

  8. Lots of YouTuber follow BTC price and predict based on price movement. Always create dought on price movement so they can save their BS. Below average crap.