Trading Bitcoin – Bitfinex Drama Just Made $BTC drop $400, Now What?

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What is? : “Unconfiscatable Celebrity Poker Tournament 2020 (BITCOIN NOT BLOCKCHAIN)”


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  1. They have no right to deal with that in the US court. For some reason, the Hong Kong prosecutor's office has no complaints about Bitfinex. Therefore, it seems to me, all this are just US games to crash the BTC price again.

  2. US Gov decided they could organize this scandal with bitfinex and crash the btc price. They were wrong.

  3. Why do they care bout the exchange on which US residents can't trade? They wanna manage every large exchange I suppose.

  4. Hmm should I believe in the words of the official who stole $750,000 in public money and spent $500,000 of it on Election Day itself.

  5. Where did you find the connection between Bitcoin rate and Bitfinex? I don’t see here clear explanations as BTC can be influenced by many other factors

  6. Those allegations did more harm than good to everyone in crypto and it is clear – with media providing false information and distorting facts, it is no wonder that the market is suffering like that, when there is too much defamation, even Bitfinex cannot deflect all of the lies

  7. What's next? The exchange is working, withdrawal is available.
    Inexperienced traders start panic sale )

  8. the market clearly reacted the moment the news dropped. it was a toppy situation anyway and the news triggered the drop. dont underestimate how important these news are. bitfinex apparently lost like a billion and cannot pay out all of their customers, tether is not fully covered. when a lot of people try to take their money off bitfinex/tether this might cause a bigger collapse. bitfinex and quadriga cx use the same payment provider btw. .. all of this is so fishy

  9. We want to hear more from this David Puell guy.

    He looks like Jason Bourne and it's pretty damn intelligent.

  10. Thank you Tone for talking loud. I here you loud and clear here in Norway this fine day:)

  11. For one year i did the other direction of Tone´s predictions. Now i agree with this statement today.

  12. Not sure why you are looking at long /short indicators based on Bitfinex? Their users are probably in panic mode, and other markets are taking over price setting.

  13. Tone go to Mui Mui restaurant in São Paulo Guadalajara. I set it up 2years ago. You will ❤️ the cocktails

  14. With my turtle trading approach I only need to put orders in once a day when the futures are closed for an hour…

  15. Bitcoin Ben mentioned you. Mockingly. He mocks the way you say scam! HA HA! He says he has an unnamed insider at an unnamed exchange who says BTC will reach $6000 within seven days. Says he gets insider tips all the time. He’s a joke….you was right about the correction today. Thank you!

  16. This TD seq is making it so good !! I'm gonna start integrate this strategy into my trading style.
    Actually took a small long position on BTC, very similar than yours Tone, and I got out from your warnings with all these 9 coming on

  17. Tone and Alessio, world travelers, bitcoin traders what a life you should get married hahaha