Trading Bitcoin – BTC Right at 11k, Breakout?

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Unconfiscatable (Vegas) Moved to April 23-24, 2021
Understanding Bitcoin (Malta) Moved to Sep 2021
The Financial Summit (Bali, Indonesia) Moved to Nov 2021:

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  1. Tanvir Arafat

    Say what you like about Tone, atleast hes never done a paid shill

  2. gold daily forecast analysis

    Who is the world best true ecn broker? Please advice me sir 🙏

  3. Tone does a nice sneeze hold off @ ( around ) 00 :45. As graceful of one as I may have ever seen.

  4. Fuck banks

  5. David Corden

    Taking away TD numbers will always be a thing. Best to keep them as an option to turn on for advanced users. U should also get rid of allows and stars and replace with text boxes pointing up or down with text descriptions.

  6. Pifagor trade

    Yo guys! Look what cool indicators i did! 4400% in 2 years. I describe it in my channel

  7. Thanks Tone slowly learning something

  8. Volgar Volgar

    before heading to 14000

  9. Ethereum.

  10. Crypto Knight Trader

    why do you need this dumb indicator, price and volume is all you need

  11. Karl Mekeirle

    why so serious 🙂

  12. I was looking at some reports today that looks like we are heading down – BIG TIME! The markets seems to have been manipulated by gamma option sqeezes in the tech-sector. Compare NYFANG index with VALUG index and you see a huge bearish divergence. You see the same when comparing the QQQ-index vs QQEW- weighted index. Seems like a bull-trap has been set and it looks like just before the previous crash i november- just worse this time. A new dot-com bubble about to burst? Would like to have your opinion on this Tone and how it could affect Bitcoin.

  13. Nice tone

  14. Crypto Focus

    To the MOOOONNN!!!

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