Trading Bitcoin – $BTC Still Struggling After Last Night's News

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Trading Bitcoin – $BTC Still Struggling After Last Night’s News Subscribe so you don’t miss the next one: ▽▽▽Check below for events …


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  1. Tone, cmon man, when history will look back on btc people 50 years from now, no one is going to take you seriously, just like no one can go back to watching SD videos after having experienced HD. With your 2 frames per second no one is going to give you the time of day.

  2. Just want to double down on the comment at the risk of upsetting you. You know trading, I know laptops, youtube search "lenovo p53 product tour" it's a 60 second vid

  3. No no no, unless your an avid gamer. Lenovo P53. Look it up, you will thank me later

  4. Why should you be the only one who wants to help bitcoin!
    Create a fundraising event and with the money 50% goes to paying devs and 50% is savings in bitcoin that you will trade to increase the bitcoin amount.

  5. gaming laptop is a poor choice due to their screens. for what you do you need a fast CPU and 32gb RAM with a 4k screen OLED optional. I would go with the new Dell 17 XPS.

  6. Austin, Tx is full. We already have far too many hipster soyboys from New York and leftist commie comrades from California. You all come here and vote blue…Austin is not what it was 10 years ago.

  7. PLS PLS dont buy an apple. Stick to values for money by faaar

  8. Bitcoin faster and cheaper? say that to your CIA employee core developer suck puppet and other stupid core developers who have destroyed bitcoin

  9. Stop selling BTC that is Dumb! Wait till12k then only if you need some money sell a little please share let everyone know stop selling!

  10. Gravatar Image Как зарабатывать по 5000 руб в день через интернет? says:

    В России гoтовят сильнeйшую дeвальвaцию!! Хватайтe доллары пoкa есть!! У нac в гoрoде ужe нет вaлюты ни в oднoм банке!!