Trading Bitcoin – BTC Struggling to Hold $12k, SPX New Highs

Trading Bitcoin – BTC Holding Really Strong, Gold Still Rising
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  1. Got no Youtube notification of your upload dude. Just fyi

  2. lol the bullshit you talk about apple is cringe

  3. Just keep your mask on man, stay safe

  4. Android is the way to man, Linux yay

  5. Zero effort scheduling plan b. He's super approachable. No vice disguising needed. What are you going to talk about? Treat it as a crypto scam

  6. Where's plan "A"

  7. Have a good time in Dalas mate

  8. Philly baby!

  9. Hey Tone, do you think AAPL and TSLA will dip a little after the split on 08/31 next week. Its like Bitcoin Halvings?

  10. Hope4Today9 Now

    @ 10:34 Your funny Tone (brain fart) turn on the old TI indicator, it's orange too … According to Bloomberg's Week5 pdf Pg 14. The setup is "not perfected" when the lows of 8 & 9 WEREN'T below the lows of 6 & 7 however the example is for a Downtrend, Or a buying setup Not an Uptrend!!! that's is a selling setup. Which is on Pg 16 (however I'll keeping the same speak as above) The setup is "not perfected" when the highs of 8 & 9 weren't above the highs of 6 & 7. So the color is correct. At first, glance it's odd to think that "perfected" consistent strong movement is more of a reversing opportunity over a sheepish "not perfected" setup. In reality, to get to "non perfected" ~ most of the time, there's pull back on a lower time frame. Now when one doesn't see any pullback on the lower time scales then the price is just petering out; & that {In my opinoion} is an indication of loss of momentum. Time to take profit unless you are a collector… LOL Unless you are removing the green dots from unperfected 9's… Then your coder has some work to do.

  11. Kien Nguyen Trung

    Tks Tone

  12. Crypto Commons

    Tone, Gently Caress ASUS! Buy Mac 🙂

  13. man everyone is entitled to an opinion so it is ok to have the opinion that LINK is a scam, however, considering the high standards you say this channel has, you should refrain from making statements you can not prove. al'right? it is common decency. so either you prove LINK is a scam, according to your definition of scam (and you should disclose that too) or stop calling it a scam.
    other than that thanks for your time and effort to educate us on the things you can actually talk about with arguments and facts.

  14. Xenofilius Lunekjær

    Very insightful and straight to the point. Thanks Tone.

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