Trading Bitcoin – How Important Was Yesterday's BTC Bounce?

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Trading Bitcoin – How Important Was Yesterday’s BTC Bounce?
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  1. Stop doing those 1 million hour videos !!! 15-20 min tops … we don’t have 1 hour streaming every single stream from you …

  2. We saw a black swan event with global panic selling ahead of the coronavirus going global. Even gold, the traditional safe-haven asset, dropped 14% in February as people converted some of their investments back to cash. That panic is calming and markets are regaining balance. The BTC halving is not typically priced in this early and requires the physical reduction in supply to force the price up – when miners suddenly have 27000 new Bitcoins less to sell on the market each month this forces a number of reactions.

  3. Everything he said was wrong… says he wouldn't be in gold, gold goes up freakin $50 on the day… Brags about his perfect TD sequential setup, S&P gets buried… Absolutely love this video lol

  4. Hey man, a local Captonian here. Just thought I would give you some places you should visit/things you should do.
    -Lions head hike. The view is much better than Cape Town.
    -Paragliding off signal hill is a must. Hot days like today is best because then you actually rise.
    -Visit the winelands: Delaire Graff, Anton Rupert wines, Steenberg to name but a few.
    -And eat!! In the CBD there is Fynn, The Potluck club, Roundhouse, Kloof street house, and Villa 47, Capital Mirage roof top (great view) to name but a few. In the wine lands there is Tokara, La Petite Colombe, Prestige, Reubens and Chefs Warehouse.
    -Vibrant bars: Tuesdays Asoka, Wednesday yours truly, Thursday (anywhere on Bree Street) I will be at Socal.
    -Friday I will see you at the meet up!

  5. if we got a red 9 on daily like u said, then we will continue to drop, 8400 needs to be defened to keep the bull run of [6500 – 10500]. if this time we cannot defense 8400 level, we will see bitcoin around 5K level, and things getting complicated for this havling.

  6. Forget about the steak diner… lets go higher and you can buy him a steak!

  7. I have been listening to tone for year. Always a great insight and price analysis..thanks tone