Trading Bitcoin – Huge Drop from $12k, but Has Anything Changed?

Trading Bitcoin – Huge Drop from $12k, but Has Anything Changed?
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  1. Where do YOU see Bitcoin going from here?
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  2. Tone, missed yr updates as I’m didn’t get notifications.
    Glad to hear u see thru the scamdemic.

    Watch the documentaries on Kill Gates. He’s a eugenicist n in bed with vaccines manufacturers.
    Patents for CV19 n vaccine approved before the planned outbreak.

    There r no double blind placebo controlled studies for vaccines which is the golden standard for safety. Vaccines wld fail to meet these safety standards so drug companies wld not make billions in profits.
    It’s disgusting that governments indemnify the drug companies so the tax payers pay for vaccine damages.
    Billions paid out by govm for vaccine damages in USA alone… even tho vaccine damage has been made so difficult to prove.
    In UK over 60 million paid for swine flu vaccine damage to those who lived to tell the tale. I, like many others, became disabled with a painful condition due to this dangerous vaccine.

    Look up Dr Vernon Coleman, Dr Rashid Buttar, Dr Sherry Tenpenny, Dr Andrew Wakefield, Dr Mercola etc
    Del Bigtree’s channel: Highwire will give u the facts re vaccines which is profit driven.

  3. Chris in FPV

    Covid is much more serious than the flu man, surely we all have a duty to take the vaccine for the sake of others.

  4. Give that Covid advice to someone who lost a loved one because of irresponsible selfish individualistic people. Your founding fathers wrote the constitution for people with good conscience and common sense. They sure didn't see this one coming. America First (in Covid stats) !

  5. Terence Chung

    views are down when everyone is up on btc.

  6. You dont show up in my feed, might be shadow banned

  7. We all have to wear masks but what's the point if you can catch it through the eyes?

  8. Adverts now tone 😢 I had CNN advertising bitcoin where they mentioned 25 bitcoin mined every 10 minutes…just dumb…

  9. Kevin Ravensberg

    Never take Bill Gates's vaccine, likely side-effects are worse than the flu symptoms from a corona-virus.

  10. Nobody cares what you think of covid.

  11. FYI. Your video was full with scammy adds. One every 5minutes.

  12. Joshua Stephen Ward

    The desire for stability in the world is creating demand for hedges like BTC and Gold. This is making charting very difficult in my view

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