Trading Bitcoin – Looking for that 33-40% Pullback

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What is? : “Unconfiscatable Celebrity Poker Tournament 2020 (BITCOIN NOT BLOCKCHAIN)”


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  1. If you think BTC gonna pull back why don’t you short it. Don’t tell people what buy or sell.

  2. This guy is blowing smoke up your butts. He's probably doing the opposite of what he says. He's been so wrong so many times. Great entertainment but #notrust

  3. lmao there are to many professors in this comment section, give us your lights you bitter newbs

  4. It must suck to be horrible at your profession. How does this clown make a living doing this?

  5. Funny you don't have the long line from 2017 run because you know now that is horse carp.

  6. Hello my good peoples.. Please donate me few bitcoin(satoshi). I'd like buy some pizza))) adress-375kmkdCv4vYhX64LHyi6ihUGbVgZBZSBK
    Thx a lot)

  7. This geezer still harping on about another crash?

    Gonna lose all credibility if it doesn't happen. Just saying.

  8. CRYPTO FACE stealing btc of its costumers Youtube channel cryptoface


    Hy everyone! I bought a vip membership 4 month ago for his "whale group" . In this group I really found a whale, i talked with him and he is a good man. I watched a few times people got kicked out of his room and this bothered me. Yes, some shared his signals, but many just said something wrong. I shared a statement he admitted in our private chat which was not about trading, but he just admitted that he took a big loss. I used him more as a indicator to do the opposite of him and this was going very well for longer time. But when he found out i was talking in another group about his loss he instantly banned me with no further statement, he just wrote something emotional like it was my fault he always chooses wrong direction and i was banned. I paid for content, when he is giving me his big losses i understand he is just living because of new followers. He further on statet a few days ago he will make a pump n dump scheme, that´s enough for me, they treat people bad in the chatroom, there r days when nobody was writing in the chat because someone got banned and people got scared, and i cannot tell ya how often he refuses to trade when money on the street and times when you have to trade. He is in a bad mood and in the yt videos in his channel he is talking about catching this and that, but i was in the vip signal group , there where no signals or bad signals for weeks. He is trying to build up a content , bcs his strats in trading simply don´t work. Look a Philakone, this mr.Chang dude, they r selling merge, end, no big story , no trading success

    i would appreciate if u share your feelings with me if u made similar experience, thx


  9. Bc is now above 200, 100, 50, 20 ma. It is now in bull placement. Pull back would only hit ma then back up at this time

  10. please for the sake of everyones sanity watch bob loukases videos. trading analysis is not the whole picture

  11. Nobody knows what the hell they are talking about…bitcoin is not the stock market. It could go anywhere with a little manipulation.

  12. Hello Tony. The film shows that you are very focused on the price drop. I feel it in every movie all the time. Could you do a questionnaire about bull or bear attitude?

  13. I have been watching your vids for a few weeks Tone…but this isn't a normal market…it's globally and doesn't sleep… imagine the world trading 24 hours a day in a global currency… you are very few talking about a pull back… hope you are right…who knows…let's see. Thanks for your time…

  14. I hodl, watch TA's for entertainment. No emotion, so this is what will happen. Cup just formed, right brim higher than left ( bullish). By end of May handle forms, 5800-6400, then the race is on, convincing all a new all time high above 20k in December.

  15. Did you ever realize that "the state" can pump any coin that they want. That they can just create a second Bitcoin and pump this as much as they want since they are the ones that print the money.

  16. 40:57„Why don't you trust this rally? I just don't. I think it's kind of bullsh*t“

    I also currently still have a distrust even though there are a lot of bullish signals. We'll see how it plays out..

  17. Your sequencial system tells you that a bull run is ongoing but you do not trust the run. Then, why preach your sequential system?

  18. The matter of fact is that he is not the only one who says we "MUST" retest at least the 100MA at 5400… Others are saying there will be at least an retest of 3150…
    I think there will be pullback no matter how high we go now…
    I also think the market is at the state where not only whales or institutional can and will jump in but also states – so if there is any kind of crisis there will be a influx of money we newer saw before…
    I say this only one two realities – BTC has limited supply and superb liquidity…

  19. So after listening to this video we can safely say with 100% conviction that the price may go up or it may go down. Wow all this technical analysis is 3 fifths of five eighths of fuck all!!

  20. Tone, what happened to Tyler Jenkins? WHere is he? I guess he's really stressed out and trying to explain to investors why he said "the bottom is not in"

  21. With Ivory trading I got 50% of my btc investment.. It was Mr Nathan who linked me up, all thanks to him