Trading Bitcoin – Money Printing Still Making ALL ASSETS RISE

Trading Bitcoin – Money Printing Still Making ALL ASSETS RISE
Understanding Bitcoin has been postponed till Oct 1-4
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  1. Where do YOU think we will go from here?
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  2. Vanessa Nigley

    Wow..just got $1000 btc into my wallet through alvinspy100 on amazing

  3. sultan Hamad

    Please Tone Turn up the microphone

  4. Facepalm Jesus

    can someone explain the following…?

    since 1900 all technologies which were eventually MASS ADOPTED like:
    electric bulb , car , fridge , radio , telephone , credit card , air condition , internet , TV , cell phone , PC , printer , tablet , GPS , microwave , vacuum cleaner…
    ALL of them they had AT LEAST 20% to 40% adoption rate at their FIRST decade of existence and massively adopted (over 60% of population use) at their second decade.

    Bitcoin is currently sitting at its first full decade with adoption rate……..LESS than 1%

  5. It us official . trump is a communist

  6. Martin Armstrong know what the government did to him and is projecting.

  7. CashGold Ernie

    Look at your dollar bill. That serial number is really a blockchain and has been in place since 1995. I believe that the Russians created Bitcoin to trap all the morons.

  8. Hasanain M.Baqer

    printing money is just transferring the pressure from stocks to USD!
    I wonder howlong USD can survive!

  9. you short gamma on silver?

  10. also had a good day in traditional markets today (+15k). Sellers exhausted.

  11. JubileeGiggles

    Trading bitcoin- where we get to hear about tone's stock portfolio for 20 minutes.

    And then then as soon as he pulls up the chart, talks about everything he would mandate if he was president.

  12. Ryan.M Harlow

    The more money they print, the more money ill spend….if im getting the freshies

  13. Bradley Stone

    Where do you get beef liver while traveling abroad? Where can you do a lot of things while traveling or living abroad…I'm in Peru, so it's different. Who the hell do I hit up for some beef liver around here?

  14. I can see the difference in your shadow from AM to PM

  15. thank you Tone! cant say it enough

  16. moussa baradji aholi

    bitcoin will not survive .

  17. Steffen Pope Altenburg

    @tonevays btc 4hr?

  18. Betting tips Katie S.

    Bitcoin is the future 🙂

  19. Madison Maine

    I think A Roth IRA account can be drawn out penalty-free at 59.5

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