Trading Bitcoin – Not the Best Start to 2020

In This Episode of Trading Bitcoin – Not the Best Start to 2020 👇👇
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  2. I think it goes lower for awhile. Right before the halving we will get some action cuz people will want their predictions to come true. It will fall flat but end of 2020 will go higher. What that higher is will depend on the low of the year. If it's really deep (4000) I think it won't rebound. Of course, only if the recession holds off for that long. We are being a huge constriction in the space.

  3. Dude, why do you even have a YT Channel. This was the worst Video I saw in a while. You literally have absolutely no clue what you are talking about…………all is just 100% air.
    You literally just look at a few graphs and state the most obvious things………….and if there are some certain questions, your answers are always just "blabla" and never precise or filled with knowledge. What a waste of time. On top of that, you really claim that "your time is valuable", while you are wasting your time here with bullshit getting a few clicks on YT, making a few Cents. Congrats.

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  8. motherbitcoin

    Tone Vays= negative wet noodle boy

  9. When $1500 Tone?

  10. I live in Australia what is the best Bitcoin broker to purchase Bitcoin on?

  11. Dude, Bitfinex doesn’t have a token? Forgetting about Leo?! They raised 1 Billion, compared to binance’s 10mil was it? Be fair at least.

  12. DCA can be a crude but quite efficient way to accumulate bitcoins but hardcore holding can become an obsession that shouldn’t happen to anyone as you would most definitely regret it and is on its own a form of laziness. Bitcoin holders who bought in 2010 and have never spent it are just crazy people who could have spent and also created 100 sources of passive income by now. Start building streams of passive income now while taking advantage of the opportunities Bitcoin presents. As for me, I am trading using a well established and easy to use pattern and signal service by Brandon Gaston and with the efficacy of his methods, I am turning in at least 15K in profit in two week which I then invest most of into my fast-growing real estate business. This is a practical way to exploit the blessings of the blockchain technology and Brandon can be reached through WhatsApp and Telegram, @Bgaston for insights into his system.

  13. Bad year for travelling after what trump did to the general, stay safe Tone.

  14. Thank you very much indeed, Tone💪

  15. thank you for the updates sir.

  16. Bitfinex does have a coin, Leo, and you could argue it has tether. I think Tones maximalism means he doesn’t really keep tabs with anything other than btc, he thought tether was at number 2 by market cap the other day! Like it or not Tone the whole ecosystem is worth looking at if only as an indicator for btc

  17. My worry is Bitcoin is wilting like a dying penny stock. My only hope is the Big Boys trading futures will revive BTC.

  18. Thanks tone

  19. .love you, dont like your "fakegrounds".


    no way all the bitcoin will be lost. we all agree 21 million and no more. but nothing says you can't have more then 8 decimals in fractions of bitcoin. miners wont like it though.

  21. Tomorrow is "Proof of Keys" day. Remember to move your Bitcoin off the exchange and into your own wallet. Not your keys, not your coins! Does the exchange actually have the BTC showing in your account balance? Maybe, maybe not.

  22. Crypto Grandma Talks

    Do you believe that the history of BTC dropping 20-50% every Jan means that price will drop to $3500-$5600 in next 2 weeks?

  23. David Gardner

    hey guys, have you heard about the price of bitcoin in Iran
    the profit is really huge

  24. butterz stotch

    Too bad YouTube didn’t ban you I would have love to see you go back to trading and get rekt with your stupid trading system

  25. Bitfinex does have their own scam coin check out LEO… tone has no clue what he is talking about.

  26. Idiots on the Road

    This is gonna be a exciting year!

  27. Kenny Barnaby

    First time watching. What an entitled millenial. To think that this clown's opinion is talked about by others. Wake up! There are dozens of good YouTube influencer better than this guy.

  28. Sergio Rodrigues

    happy new year Tone

  29. Lets all hope trump doesnt get reelected. All the racist nutbags in his administration are trying to kill bitcoin!

  30. Yo Tone 💪😷

  31. Thanks for sharing the interview buddy! We'd love to have you again on the show.

  32. Great content and reasonable analysis as well

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