Trading Bitcoin Ranges & The Make-or-Break Level | Coinist Podcast

The Coinist Podcast is the best place to hear from top funds, traders, key analysts, and insights about the crypto market.

The guest for this episode is TraderSZ:

We talk about trading ranges, insights about his trading process, the major level for Bitcoin, where we think the market moves this week, and more.

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  1. Why you hack the sol updates channel

  2. Kenny Powers

    Think we need some subtitles on here mate, can hear it perfectly but I think he's from Liverpool or something

  3. 🎶🔥

  4. The ledge of ledges

  5. Slammed with goodness, thanks.. You guys are a seriously dynamic pair, appreciate you both!

  6. South African mic is not really good

  7. Dixie Normus

    SZ is a ledge

  8. Our Daily Bit

    Lmao… trader sz…. REKT 😂💀🤣

  9. When was this recorded ?

  10. I wish SZ had a better mic…

  11. Woah, wasn't expecting to see XOXO on your podcast

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