Trading Bitcoin – So Many MRI Top Calls This Week

Trading Bitcoin – So Many MRI Top Calls This Week
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  1. why pay 10$ if you can use free adblock ??

  2. SilentNights


  3. i a fan of andreas but why is he a fan of eth?

  4. I don't understand idiots who don't have adblocker. It's your fucking screen you can filter.
    But I would be more than happy if video makers would migrate to another platform. For example, Russian Facebook VK looks fine or anything. Google is evil

  5. I think some LINK supporters have been convinced by Alex Saunders, who says the report was written solely for the purpose of affecting the LINK token price, in order for those people to short it.

  6. Use Firefox with UBlock Origin guys => no more adds

  7. The stock market represents how the owners of big companies are doing, not the American people, small businesses or the Economy overall.

  8. Be brave, Tone

  9. The most important user case for bitcoin is not apparent yet. It is a human indifference. The smart machine of tomorrow will use bitcoin for their commerce because it is human indifferent. Simples

  10. Tone, I am with you that EtH is monetary garbage, but I am troubled with a statement that is a technological garbage if nothing but because Andreas says otherwise.

  11. Guys install ad block plus got chrome. Blocks ads

  12. memory limit for a script is only 10mb? wtf???

  13. ublock origin extension for firefox or your browser of choice, blocks all adds opensource software

  14. We want to watch you but u need a better computer

  15. hey Tone, the reason you are getting hit with the scripts is because it only allows 64 inputs on the chart. Once you hit that threshold, it stops printing them on the chart. I can help you for free to get your scripts working.

  16. Tone, you need to do a private TA subscription.

  17. You don’t even own a suit!

    I just use an Adblock.

  18. Crypto Commons

    Using Brave Browser, i forgot about wtf is ADS 😉

  19. Aldar Altankhuyag

    Tone, with all respect, you may find yourself in same position as this Microstategy guy. I'm talking about Etherium (or other smart contract blockchain), not about shitcoins. Which is perfectly fine, just many people will find it funny.

  20. Just get an add blocker… no need to pay 10 bucks …

  21. Love those 2 Saylor tweets, I’ve screen shot these to show my friends and colleagues who don’t understand BTC when they talk nonsense about it through their ignorance!

  22. Maybe remove the TI testing indicator to allow for more memory for the MRI to use, instead of just hiding it

  23. Chris in FPV

    Is anyone buying this, that his channel costs him money?

  24. Tones has confirmation bias against Link, ignores that that company who wrote the report appears to be fake, no physical address, no linkden, no Ceo , no info about them other than they appear to be short.

  25. Perito Werner

    Use Brave…. No adds in youtube… =)

  26. You tube is doing it to all channels for users who do not subscribe to premium, move to Brand New Tube, it's a work in progress but given time it will be where everyone goes who is pissed off with YT.

  27. final element

    The Earth is flat. you jus dno shit coz they lied to u from the start

  28. use ad block plus in your browser it stops the ads add in as extension

  29. Rafiq Phillips

    YouTube premium. Best decision ever. Never see ads

  30. Joe Biden's Special Reserve Basement Sniffin' Hair

    Orange coinbase bad… Hilarious

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