Trading Bitcoin – $SPX vs $BTC Correlation is Out of Control

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Trading Bitcoin – $SPX vs $BTC Correlation is Out of Control
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  1. Bitcoin Price Stalls Below $9200 but Data Shows Investors Are Bullish, irrespective of the Bitcoin price, I earn huge sums of money investing with Richard Davis as my Bitcoin trade Expert

  2. Thanks for talking about correlation does this mean btc is never going up heavily again

  3. 95.3k subscribers and only 4 have commented. That would strongly suggest 95.2996k have left but failed to unsubscribe.

    Anyways, I'm done with btc. It's now turned into BS. I live in hope to just break even one day. Then I can exit this scam crypto space. Been in it for 4 years. Seen enough to know now its totally manipulated and a total scam and that it is on a downward trend. The party is over.

  4. What happened to tanking the stock market to sabotage Trump's re-election? Hah.