Trading Bitcoin – The Breakout to $14k is Still On

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Unconfiscatable (Vegas) April 23-24, 2021
Understanding Bitcoin (Malta) Sep 2021
The Financial Summit (Bali, Indonesia) Nov 2021:

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  5. michael lilienfeld

    Buy bitcoin.

  6. David Beames

    Welcome to Trading Bitcoin with your host AnTone LaVays

  7. VectraCoin algorithm everywhere 😀

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  9. Pemburu Cuan

    Guys! Just google: “VectraCoin”! You will go nuts!

  10. Ruang Dwi Pus creatif

    Thanks i knew about Michael Ross! He was my professor in Oxford and told us about Vectra!

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  12. 𝕾𝖍𝖑𝖔𝖐𝖐

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  13. thanks for your regular updates Tone!

  14. Lonely Hunter


  15. Jesse Livermore


  16. good show

  17. Would love to see Tone talk about his Wall St career. What he liked and didn't like about it. What he thinks of the Wall St culture and philosophy. Was the industry what he thought it would be.

  18. Joshua Jonathan Hood

    Good video. Im predicting a slower gradual increase in Bitcoin then it slams into a wall on his way threw 2 higher -Highs & setting new lower lows it will from there gradually maybe exponentially increase untill at the top forever solving more then lifes money problems but getting involved on a group level in politics,tech,realestate,pharmaceutical & the like pulling up the world on a latter with one hand holding on & 2 pulling up like watter & electricity moving upwards like a reverse tornado

  19. Why is it that anytime I listen to this guy, I always feel like the only thing he has exposed to in his entire life is Bitcoin. He doesn't seem to talk any sense when confronted with other issues in life. He must have a really difficult childhood to be so uptight, narrow minded, attention seeking, and totally confused by thinking Bitcoin is the only thing in life. I feel sorry for him though! A BTC maximalist who gets made a fool of in every interview and debate. Pfffff, very sad…

  20. at least you know enough not to trade, but these people who watch your show. do they still have any money left?

  21. Tone Vays, always great content!

  22. „It can not“ 😹😹😹😹😹. 👻 ! YES IT CAN !!! 💖🚀🛸

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