Trading Bitcoin w/ filbfilb – Paused at Daily 9 Sell, Now What?

Trading Bitcoin w/ filbfilb – Paused at Daily 9 Sell, Now What?
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What is? : “Unconfiscatable Celebrity Poker Tournament 2020 (BITCOIN NOT BLOCKCHAIN)”


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  1. What do you think, how are you playing this?
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  2. Eddie Rogovoy

    Not clear enough… No arguments why the next bull is only x3 of the last one… If filb is so bullish in the mid term to predict 20-30k end 2020, why is it suddenly becomes so stagnant in 2021 to peak at only 60k?

  3. The “overconfidence” was palpable.

  4. Giggidygiggidy12

    I just heard some old bitconnect videos with Dr Roy Murphy and this FILB guy is definitely the same scammer. Be careful folks

  5. DeMarcus Nelson

    I am very confident filbfilb is Roy Murphy the Bitconnect scammer…tried to change the pitch of his voice but yeah can't hide all the shilling he was doing. More reason he wants to stay anonymous. DYOR that is ROY.. glad a buddy sent this to me…remember the whole story Roy or filb gave of his background and soon as real gov people from UK started really digging, piece by piece it came apart, until he disappeared…

  6. Good show.

  7. Eduardo Guedes

    Filb is a genius!

  8. Filb is the man. Always amazing analysis.

  9. Oh……..something else, MANY THANKS, filbfilb!

  10. filbfilb's a "Geordie".

  11. Filb, thank you so much for your data and insights.

  12. Greg Trantham

    Awesome interview, I watched twice

  13. Filb you’re too good for this idiots channel man.

  14. You look so fucking yummy!

  15. shaved head and beard suits you. lookin good

  16. Learned so much from you, thank you Filb.

  17. the best understander of crypto named filbfilb!!

  18. you should really work on your facilitation skills when hosting on your channel these guests. Come across arrogant and antagonising at time. which i think is not a bad thing but could be more professional in neutral stance?

  19. Graeme Kinder

    I have learned so much of filbfilb. If your reading filb, thanks for putting your content out there free of charge. Much appreciated.

  20. Steffen Hessel

    Filb Filb is the GOAT! Keep up the great work sir please

  21. Love listening to tone trying not to be the bobo he is🤣

  22. Sir. God. Messiah. King. In no particular order.

  23. ziyad tarik chechan

    Filb is one of a kind,his track record speaks by itself

  24. chootya kag raha hai tu andey

  25. tommaso calcaterra

    I can't even explain how much respect I have for filb filb . simply the best

  26. 60k that's it?

  27. Adolph White Jr.

    ‪Have you yet addressed your incorrect prediction that Alt coins must crash and die before the new Bitcoin bull market starts?‬

  28. alex mazal- nirexpress123

    Kul video tnx 💪💥🔥

  29. Przemyslaw Wikarski

    I have been watching Tone for about two years now. This was the best show by far👍

  30. Jon Connelly

    Tone you talk about selling indicators, and say "my" indicator. By that, do you mean TOM DEMARK's indicator, or have you developed one yourself?

  31. Would love to see Krown back on your show again!

  32. WOW, best cryptotraders. Full respect.

  33. honestly tone the one time fee for your indicator is one of the best deals in my life.

  34. Feels like a child trying to talk to a professor

  35. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have FilbFilb on the show more often. He's truly one of the few who really understand this market and his calls have all been spot-on.

  36. Anil Avadhanula

    Who is the bigseller at finex?

  37. Way to go Tone, I follow filbfilb with great enthusiasm – and you off course

  38. the legend filbfilb always respect to you, I am big fan of your bitcoin chart

  39. lol bull guests always get more thumbs up

  40. This just proves how you can draw lines on a chart to suit your bias

  41. Is FilFil a Geordie?

  42. FilbFilb is the shit.

  43. Filbfilb knows his stuff! Most accurate trader long term

  44. Brent Jindra

    Excellent episode today… do yourselves a favor BTC community….watch this in its entirety!


    The flibflib best trader in world🙏🙏

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