Trading Bitcoin w/ Sawcruhteez – Is It a Bull Market Yet?

Trading Bitcoin w/ Sawcruhteez – Is It a Bull Market Yet?
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  1. What do you think? Are we in a bull market?
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  2. Adolph White Jr.

    ‪Have you yet addressed your incorrect prediction that Alt coins must crash before the new Bitcoin bull market starts?‬

  3. Adolph White Jr.

    ‪Have you yet addressed your incorrect prediction that Alt coins must crash before the new Bitcoin bull market starts?‬

  4. Мишутик- Как ?

    отличное шоу. Оч рад был видеть Сократа. по чаще бы с ним

  5. This was a great presentation!! That S&P hyperwave is something else. I'm so glad you are continuing to revisit this idea. I've put a note in my calendar to revisit this at the start of each year. Thank you both!!

  6. Thanks guys, Sawcruhteez, thanks for sharing, this was probably one of my favorite episodes of the last few years. Makes me want to fall in love with TA.

  7. The porn websites are slowing Tones computer down

  8. Everyone is a genius in a bull. This dude's trading would be just as terrible if we werent in a bull this year.

  9. Michael Nolan

    Tone – your computer may have had too much software running, that causes the audio issues during streaming (CPU underpower)

  10. Michael Nolan

    Everyone feels like a genius in a bullish upturn if they know what to do.

  11. Hope4Today9 Now

    Can we preorder the hyper-wave book?

  12. Crypto Boner

    as soon as sock ra tesase learns options, hes gonna dip the crypto market in a snap

  13. This was really educational. Thanks.

  14. 1:18 if this is really in a hyperwave, it should go back to phase 1. This forecasts a very dark economic future, is this your view on this also?

  15. Damn great stream. Thank you

  16. Michael Schrago

    What settings do you have to see the Lucid SAR like that? Mine shows stars very close together and gives more false positives…

  17. Xander Thompson

    The descending line you drew for ETHBTC on poloniex is different on every other exchange. It's a completely arbitrary line.

  18. dragon oncrypto

    Cheers you two, always good to hear your opinions ~ your independent bct shill :p

  19. Follow Tones since years today is the day i give up , in the last years his analyse was so bullshit i think people will loose all there cryptos listen to him

  20. Saw crust in recluse for a quick buck trading lol…… money and what ppl put themselves through is a paradox

  21. Can someone shed some light on Tone's bet that price will visit $5k before halving. Who is it with and how legitimate is it? Genuinely curious and not trolling.

  22. Great video guys. Thanks

  23. I follow tone for 4 years now, I never saw a "1 to 4 candle correction" really happen. Or it will dump or stay were it is for several days…

  24. The whales are trying to shake out all the weak hands now so they can accumulate their Bitcoin before this thing gets sent. Bull market activated

  25. Great intro topic. It's hard for me to trade when there's so much noise. I have to tune out the noise and make your own calls. Thanks guys!

  26. Green screed game on point 😆

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