Trading Bitcoin w/ Tyler Jenks – Looking at Long Term Projections

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  1. Tone and Tyler, you guys are my must follow traders, but I have one problem that I can't get addressed by either one of you. It's the system of the "nine" bar.  I would be happy to purchase Tones nine bar system if you two could explain to me how I get and how I put all the pieces together to have a candle stick chart with those numbers on the candles. Like as in the specifics. I need to feel I understand the assembly in order to purchase. Thanks, from a follow Coast Guardsman

  2. So eventually we are dealing with the number Pi here? So better than cut the crap regarding 9s, 13s, hypewave and other bullshit

  3. I am a real crypto millionaire…Tone is a sham…good trader…… but altcoin basher…. who is wrong…You want to debate me you balding loser?

  4. As a 69 yr old who invested in Bitcoin for the long term as part of my retirement, I appreciate your channel for its realistic intelligent info and now for the introduction of Tyler Jenks to me. He seems very knowledgeable and explains things for a simple man like myself. Will have to follow his channel. Thanks.

  5. It's a convenient theory for a BTC maximalist that an ALT coin rally indicates the bear market has a long way to go. Be interesting to see how longTone and his cronies will cling to that theory? When the ALTs reach ATHs?

  6. The Gold Hyperwave would be interesting to See with Inflation adjusted Dollar deevaluation

  7. Wow!! That’s a powerful statement coming from a man that has 40+ years of institutional investment!! I’m more of a believer today because of you Mr. Jenks!! And thanks for your amazing analysis I have saved so much because of you!! In admiration sir!!!

  8. I was just glad to see a QuickBooks add when I clicked on your video rather than the unending Robinhood app commercials I've seen in the last month😃😃😃

  9. @tonevays – Did you know that Martin Armstrong thinks that Bitcoin is dead?

  10. hey Tone i love your stuff, i was wondering how do i request to get access to your TV script?

  11. Its not a good idea to lend your bitcoin out so they can re-hypothecate it ten times against your own interest/investment and no verification/audit. Bad idea we see what that does to the market in 2008. We need to look outside the box and let technology fix this “custodian” problem. You guys are sounding like old school statists.

  12. Altcoins are not going to randomly die off for BTC. You people are out of touch with the market.

  13. I like your long term chart Tone (contains one screwed up arrow called "shitcoins") LOL

  14. Other than technicals, can't other factors prevent bitcoin going to $1000 ? For example, ICE, BAAKT, institutional investors, state of the economy, state of other economies etc. What did hyperwaves indicate at the end of 2017 when the price of bitcoin and altcoins went through the roof ?

  15. Its the BEST when the stream is so crammed full of info that the stream glitches and you only hear ever other word. It's not annoying AF, not at all…. I cou….t. anymore and it …s li… ..d but I would 100% ….e ..ll in …at c….c. i …led d…k dow ..he is e. I'd be.. d… bra..s ….t .. at p….. you know …at I mean?

  16. Bitcoin has Bottomed ! Time is over Bitcoin will never go below 3123/!! Look @ bo polnys Forcast!

  17. What’s going to happen is another decentralized non-POW alt will overtake BTC and become the p2p cash standard so BTC will die along with other shitcoins.